September 04, 2017

I posted a testimony about a boss that was stressing me, who I prayed about. She had been frustrating me and I had been "allowing" it, but once I did what God said, within 4 days, she wasn't in that role anymore and by the end of the month, I had her job!

But how did I know what to do? By letting God work in me and teach me, I learnt to pray and in some cases "dangerous" prayers, during that season. A lot of my single season was spent fasting and praying, first for a husband and then as I grew spiritually, many other things.
Some of the prayers I prayed then, I am seeing today.
For example my in-laws love me beyond words, my husband doesn’t have any dodgy friends, my husband puts me first and supports everything I want to do, including praying for them himself.

Are you in a season of waiting? Then great, it's time to set things in place, so when your desire is realized you will be able to truly enjoy it and not be fighting battles you should have fought now.
Are you single? It's time to pray about your children, your businesses, your home, your destiny.
Are you waiting for a child, it's time to pray for that child like they are here today. Are you waiting for a career shift, it's time to pray for the boss and colleagues you are going to have.

Written by bunmi oduah
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