6 E-Liquid Flavour Categories You Should Explore To help You Quit Smoking

Nowadays, smokers who are looking to quit smoking have countless options to choose from thanks to e-liquids. Most tobacco shops and petrol stations carry a small selection of flavours, but you can find a much larger selection if you shop online. There are many e-liquid companies developing their own flavours and there are always new options to try.

A lot of smokers choose an e-liquid with a taste that is similar to the cigarettes they are used to when they first switch to vaping. Tobacco-flavoured e-liquids can be a good option if you are having a hard time with getting rid of your cigarettes, but a lot of these e-liquids have an unpleasant ashy aftertaste. You should explore flavoured e-liquid instead. Finding the right flavour is a process of trials and errors. Deciding where to start can be difficult since there are so many flavours to choose from.

Keep in mind that just because you don’t like an e-liquid flavour now doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it later. Your sense of taste is going to change when you first start to vape. It can take up to six months for your taste buds to go back to their normal state. Your tastes will also change as you discover different e-liquids. A flavour can also have a different taste depending on the nicotine concentration and on the quantities of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine used in the e-liquid. This is why the same flavour sold by two different brands might be completely different.

You will find thousands of different e-juice brands online. These brands offer flavours in six different categories. We have organised these flavours to help you find an e-liquid that would be a good match for you. You might be tempted to go with a tobacco or menthol flavour at first, but remember that there are so many other options to explore.

6 E-Liquid Flavour Categories You Should Explore To help You Quit Smoking

1. Tobacco flavours

You will come across two different types of tobacco-flavoured e-liquids. Some e-juices reproduce the taste of a burning cigarette and can have an ashy taste that some smokers don’t find pleasant. We do not recommend starting with this flavour. Instead, look for e-liquids that reproduce the flavour of a fresh tobacco leaf. You can mix different e-juices to create unique flavours. Mixing a tobacco-flavoured product with a fruity flavour can be a good way to progressively give up on your cigarette addiction. If your goal is to quit smoking, you might want to avoid tobacco flavours altogether since they might cause you to crave a cigarette.

2. Dessert flavours

Dessert flavours are among the most popular products. Vapers love these sweet and creamy e-juices because they replicate the rich taste of desserts such as strawberry cheesecakes or apple turnovers. A lot of brands offer dessert flavours based on popular breakfast cereals or cookies. The great thing about these flavours is that you can enjoy the delicious taste without having to worry about calories. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect e-liquid category for you. Newcomers to vaping typically shy away from dessert flavours but these rich e-juices often become a favourite later on.

3. Fruit flavours

Many vapours love fruit flavours. There is a huge selection of flavours to choose from, and you can find sweet, tangy, fresh, sour, or tart flavours depending on the fruity e-juice you choose. A few brands offer e-liquids that replicate the taste of a specific fruit, but most brands create their own fruit blends. They will either combine a fruit flavour with menthol or mix a fruit flavour with a tobacco flavour. A lot of brands will combine different fruit and dessert flavours to create signature e-juices. You can also find e-juices that blend several fruits together, for instance to create a tropical e-liquid. Explore different options since the fruit category offers endless possibilities. Remember that you can create your own flavours by mixing different e-juices. The fruit category is a great place to get started if you want to create your own flavours since you can easily combine different fruit savours and get a result that is pleasant.

4. Candy flavours

You can find e-liquids that perfectly recreate the taste of your favourite candy. Whether you often crave sweets or have fond childhood memories of eating cotton candy and circus peanuts, there is a candy flavour for you. There have been some criticism of e-cigarette companies over these flavours. Offering e-juices with flavours such as boiled sweets, bonbons, or cotton candy can be seen as a way to market these products to children and teens. The truth is that adults enjoy candy as well. Prepare to be amazed when you first try candy-flavoured e-juices. Mixologists have figured out how to create e-liquid that allow you to experience the taste of gummy bears and many other popular candies without actually eating them!

5. Food flavours

Food flavours are somewhat of a niche thing. You can find e-liquid with unusual flavours such as bacon or jalapeno peppers. Some brands have even developed flavours such as nacho cheese or even crab legs. Few brands offer food-flavoured e-liquids, which means the selection of flavours is somewhat small. A lot of these products are available for a short period of time since they typically don’t do well. Many food flavours would make for an interesting vaping experience but few brands are exploring these possibilities. It is likely that more flavours will become available in the future. Food-flavoured e-liquids are worth exploring if you want a unique experience! We think flavours such as BBQ ribs could be heavenly if a brand could figure out how to capture this taste.

6. Beverage flavours

Beverage flavours deliver a taste that reproduces the experience of drinking your favourite beverage. You can find flavours such as strawberry milk, coffee, mojito, cola and many other sodas, pumpkin spice latte, peach tea, and many more. You should be able to find an e-juice that recreates the taste of your favourite soda, cocktail, or Starbucks menu item. You can even find e-liquids that reproduce the taste of your favourite energy drink without the caffeine content. The beverage category is a favourite among many vapours due to the huge selection of experiences available. You should be able to find an e-liquid for pretty much any beverage you can think of.You will find e-liquids with a sweet and fruity taste if you explore cocktail and fruit juice flavours, or e-juices with a rich and creamy taste if you are more into latte or chocolaty flavours.

These are the six main e-liquid flavour categories you should take the time to explore at Simply eLiquid. Keep in mind that your tastes are going to change as you get used to vaping. You will probably develop a taste for a specific experience, be it rich and creamy e-liquids, fruit flavours, or tangy savours. You might be tempted to purchase a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid to replace your cigarettes, but remember that there are many other more interesting options to explore! Think about getting a sampler pack or visiting a vaping shop so you can test different flavours and figure out which category is most appealing to your taste buds.
Have fun exploring e-liquid flavours, and remember to be safe when vaping!

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