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7 Awesome Dating Ideas For Couples Over 40

Do you believe that it is never too late to find love?! whether you’re 40 or older, you can still find love and love can find you. people tend to give up on love and the idea of finding their significant other, once they cross the 20 something age bracket, this is honestly not true, there are so many interesting stories about people over 40 years who found the love of their lives either from a senior dating site or just a chance meeting in a place where they least expected to find love. over 40 and over 50s dating is not myth, its a reality.

now that we have established that you can find love even if you’re over 40, lets talk about some awesome date ideas that older couples could experiment with.

lets face it, skydiving, Bungee-jumping, strenuous hiking or mountain climbing which are common among younger couples, do not make the best date ideas for older couples for obvious reasons. however, this does not mean that senior couples can’t have dates that would be filled with fun and excitement.

Here are some interesting date ideas for over forty couples

  1. dinner date: one of the most common date ideas remains dinner dates, most couples prefer to spend time together over dinner in any place of their choice. The good news is,there is no age barrier to this activity, whether you’re a younger couple or an older couple a candle-light dinner would definitely be a great idea. Simply choose a dining destination picked out by you or your significant other, opt for a place where you and your significant other would feel comfortable, a place where the food and general ambience is structured to your taste. The best part about dinner dates is that it can also be done cost free right at the comfort of your home,these reasons and more make this activity a great option for both old and young couples. You could also turn the process of planning and preparing for your dating activity into a fun experience and ultimately a date.
  2. Attend a concert: for couples who love music, attending a concert would be a perfect idea, depending on the kind of music that you and your significant other prefer, you canĀ  both choose to attend a classical music concert an opera show or a more modern music event, this activity serves as a great opportunity for couples to bond and get to know each other better. For couples who love to dance, a dancing experience would be a great addition.Look for dance nights at your local pub, if you both like to use your voices as well as feet in expressing your love for music,then look for a nice karaoke bar, better still sign up for a dance class with your date and spend time together.
  3. Take a trip together: what better way to spend time with each other than to take a trip to somewhere exciting, this could be a trip to one of your favorite destinations, dream destinations or even a simple trip around the city. as simple as this activity sounds it creates an amazing opportunity for older and younger couples to spend time together ,bond and enjoy the beauty of the world around.
  4. A Picnic:if you want to opt for something more casual ,then a picnic or a visit to the park would be a great idea. There are definitely lots of parks to visit, simply put together a picnic basket and head for the nearest public park, feed the ducks or play a game. On the other hand, simply Strolling through these pretty surroundings would make for a lovely time while keeping the date casual and comfortable.
  5. Visit the museum:who doesn’t love history? its always good learn a little more about the world around you, so why not pay the museum a visit. There are so many museums around various localities that you could pay a visit to. one of the reasons why a visit to the museum is such brilliant idea, is because, first off! museums are surprisingly affordable, museums also help to create a romantic environment because of how well they are lit, and also help to spark up conversations,because there’s so much to see and so much to talk about.
  6. Do volunteer work together: volunteering to support a charitable cause is never a bad idea. Most couples have shared passions , things that they both feel emotionally attached to and passionate about, these charitable endeavors help to make couples feel more fulfilled. The feeling of doing the something purposeful, and being a good person will strengthen and even elongate the relationship.You need to pick a joint commitment that is very dear to both your hearts and in the process of helping make the world a better place, you’ll make your relationship a better one.

7. opt for a sporting activity: you can never go wrong with sports. if you and your partner are enthusiastic about sports then try some simple sporting activity like Bicycling on a pretty day. sporting activities are great for creating exciting environments.


so what other dating ideas do you have for couples over 40. use the comment section and let me know your thoughts.




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