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5 Things You Should Do Everyday If You Want to Be Happy

Summary: Here are five things you need to do every single day if you desire to be happy. 

There is so much that is happening in the world around us. If we are too busy with our studies or work, we will end up losing track of these things. It is the main reason why you need to update yourself with the latest news that is happening in the world no matter how busy you might be.

If you want to be happy every day no matter how bad your day is with regards to studies or work, you have to do the following things:


Check News In the Morning: Yes, this is one thing that you should plan on doing first when you wake up in the morning. Read the newspaper on check the websites that publish news online. If you want to look and sound smart in front of your colleagues and peers, this is one thing that you should do religiously.

The best thing is that if there are any excellent government schemes, you will be the first person to know it. Imagine, you can be a blessing in the lives of your family and friends.

People give respect to those who are smart or know a lot of things. You should not be surprised if you even get a nickname, such as an ‘encyclopedia.’ Now, who in the world does not desire these things.

Listen to Music: Your day is going to be fabulous when you start with music. When you wake up in the morning, open the website that has the latest music and begin to play the songs. It will help you to get into a good mood right away.


After the shower, keep your headphones and commute to your office or school on public transportation. It is not wise to do this when you are riding a bike. If you are a homemaker, that is fine. You can play music when you are doing chores at the house. You will feel relaxed and happy if you listen to music. 

Good music can help us have an excellent mood. We can forget our problems and hurdles with ease. Some people love to play music in the background while they work on their systems.

When you are playing songs from a website, you do not have to download the music files. Cluttering your desktop with music and video files is not a great thing as it can make your system look disorganized. However, some like still to collect albums, vinyls, and other music memorabilia – especially as some artists put a lot of effort into artwork, album booklets, etc. No matter what your genre of choice is, you’ll find somewhere online where you can buy music – for example, if you’re a fan of K-pop, you can buy K-Pop albums at this site and support your favorite artists whilst growing your collection.


Watch Viral Videos: Interesting things happen in the world every single day. People go crazy about these things. Some videos go viral, and people not just in the country, but all around the world check it sometimes multiple times.

Some websites have a section dedicated to viral videos. You should take the time to bookmark their page so that you can check that particular segment regularly.

It is fun to watch these videos while traveling long distances on a bus or a train. Be the first one to watch the video and share it with your friends and relatives.

Funny Videos to Remove Boredom: Many people in the world these days are going through a tough phase in their life. Instead of feeling sad about the problems and become discouraged, it is wise to watch funny videos that are available on the popular entertainment websites.

These videos will help you to become happy and content. You will go with a new resolve to face the world and to meet your challenges.

If you like a funny video, always share with others as you never know who is down that day because of pressure in work or studies. Make the world a better place to live by sharing good videos.

If you have a lot of time and do not know how to pass it, you should plan on checking these videos as you will never know how the time has passed by so quickly.


Check News Every Day: If you desire to enhance your language skills, it is wise to follow the news stories. Over a period, you will be surprised to see that there is a drastic improvement in your demeanor and language. Your self-esteem is going to increase, as well. You can do a lot of beautiful things when you are confident and happy.

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