About me

Hi there!


My name is Christiana acha and I’m a self-improvement blogger, i know you have spent the last 30 minutes of your life trying to understand what my blog is about; well, honey I talk about everything that makes your life easier. I cover topics on personal development and right living!

I wasn’t always this purposeful! It all started 3 years ago, When I was diagnosed with gullain Barre syndrome; a nervous disease that left me paralysed from my neck down to my feet! It was a miracle that i survived. After my near death experience, I started my journey to living a more purposeful life

Today, I am a digital entrepreneur Who provides mentoring services to digital entrepreneurs who need help from around the world. A content creator, a motivational speaker, singer and wordsmith who believes that with the creation of useful and evergreen content we can change the world! I provide writing and speaking services. I coach and mentor aspiring digital entrepreneurs!

I started my online business because I am passionate about having a voice and empowering others to find their voices too! My own path was fraught with trial and error and I want to help people around me find their path without making the same mistakes I made.
I hope to inspire many young people out there with my story! That you can actually do anything you put your heart to! No matter what life throws at you and no matter the hurdles that come along life’s pathway!

In my pass time when I’m not blogging or singing you probably would find me with a book or two! I think pizza and coffee are overrated, but hey! Who am I to judge anyways!

Community, communication and connection are my favorite things. I hope you stick around and join the tribe.