Coping with Loss: Grief and Grieving

As is often mentioned by therapists, grief counselors and psychiatrists, the way we grieve is our own, but grieve we must. What this means is that if someone close to you has passed away recently, and it has affected you emotionally, there must be a grieving period. However, the statement also indicates that different people grieve in different ways. Therefore, the idea is that as long as there is a definite grieving period, it will help you get over the initial and intense melancholy of losing someone close.

What is Grief?

Grief is a combination of negative emotions that originate from a sense of true loss. In this particular context, this loss would be the passing of someone close to us. The negative emotions and feelings include shock, denial, guilt, anger, anxiety and sadness in varying intensities.

Multiple emotions are often felt at the same time, which can overwhelm someone experiencing the emotion pain. Similar to a panic attack, intense grief can also be triggered suddenly, as the pangs of psychological suffering could come and go without notice. In fact, grief itself is a common cause for panic attacks.

What is Grieving?

Grieving is a multistep process of making conscious and subconscious psychological adjustments, which we all go through after suffering a loss. Bereavement or mourning is the term used to define the grieving process which follows the death of someone close. How long it takes is dependent on several factors such as the individual’s mental fortitude, their personal attachment with the deceased, the conditions that led to their death, and several other related aspects.

The Most Delicate Time for Any Bereavement Process

As mentioned, there is no set time-period which applies to every situation. However, the initial days and weeks following a loss are always extremely important. Everyone affected must be given as much time as needed to cope with the realities of their respective situations. Unfortunately, very few of us get that time we need, because the practical aspects of handling a death do not allow for that.

Multiple parties and local authorities have to be informed, death certificates must be procured, and funeral arrangements are to be booked. Thankfully, if the deceased is located anywhere in or near Austin, Texas, ATX Cremation Services can help. They offer a comprehensive set of funeral services in Austin, so that the mourning family members can be done with the essential online paperwork as quickly as possible. It helps because family members get the time they need to cope with their initial grief, instead of being drowned in funeral responsibilities.

People fail to grieve properly because most of us do not even have an idea about what grieving is, and how it helps us overcome the pain of losing something or someone important. It is essential for us to understand both grief and grieving if we are to maintain our mental wellbeing after losing someone. Sometimes, external help from a grief counselor is not optional, but adults must understand that they need the help themselves first, or they will not seek it.

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