Ensuring Good Health For Your Dog- Red Flags To Be Watchful About

As a pet parent, you will want to make sure that your furry companion is always in top shape. Even as you invest in a healthy diet with premium food like one of Dr. Marty Pets products, and a proper exercise schedule, the dog may fall sick due to aging or some underlying condition. At times, it is easy to miss the early warning signs if you have a busy lifestyle. But not taking quick action can spell trouble for the animal. You need to be vigilant about the slightest signs and take it to a vet when you notice something amiss. Here are the red flags to be watchful about.


Healthy dogs are always active, while lethargy indicates that something is troubling them. If you suddenly see a change in the animal’s temperament, it may need early diagnosis and treatment. A lethargic dog is often uninterested in playing, cuddling, going out for regular walks, or doing things it usually enjoys. High temperature may be the reason for normal fatigue, but you must get a vet to check the animal if symptoms persist for a few days.. 


Unusual eating habits

If you follow your pet’s diet, you will have a good idea about its regular habits and appetite. You can expect your dog to lose its appetite when it is sick, or the weather is extremely hot. But skipping meals for a couple of days warrants an immediate examination by a vet. Conversely, some conditions will make the animal excessively hungry. Anything unusual is a sign to pay heed to, whether the dog is eating too much or too little. 


Excessive thirst 

When your dog appears to be excessively thirsty, there could be a serious health condition lurking behind. Excessive thirst could indicate kidney disease or diabetes. It is also a telltale sign of Cushing’s disease when accompanied by excessive hunger, frequent urination, and fatigue.

With symptoms like this, it is imperative that you schedule an appointment with a veterinary professional as soon as possible to get some answers, as well as putting a treatment plan in place to help your furry friend. If they give you the go-ahead, you may decide to buy CBD pet drops in a bid to help with this endocrine condition. Just be sure to consult with a professional before doing so, and by understanding the normal thirst patterns of your animal will enable you to detect this sign when it happens.




Your dog may vomit once in a while, which is perfectly normal as the animal may need to get rid of foods that don’t go well with their system. But frequent vomiting is a red flag that requires medical attention. You should do it sooner rather than later because excessive vomiting can lead to severe dehydration and may even be fatal for the animal. If the animal vomits blood and has a fever, it needs help immediately. 


Sudden weight loss

Weight loss is another sign you should be vigilant about, particularly when it is sudden and unexplained. It can be an indication of a serious underlying issue, so a quick vet visit is recommended. A 10% weight loss is a reason to worry, even if it happens with an overweight animal.

Staying ahead of these red flags and getting immediate help can be life-saving for your pet dog. No matter how busy you are, your furry friend deserves your attention, so make sure that you keep track of its health at all times.

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