Is There Any Insurance That Requires No Medical Test?

For many people, it becomes difficult to buy a medical insurance due to their inability of qualifying related medical tests and exams. But, now it is possible to buy such a plan without health checkups or medical exams. These insurance policies come with low premiums and are popular due to their hassle-free process and exceptional benefits.     

However, before going into an underwriting process it is good to know about no-medical insurance in detail: 


No medical tests are required 

There are certain medical tests mandatory to qualify in most of the insurance policies available in the market. Many of these health conditions are difficult to meet for unhealthy people. But, some insurances are available with simple and useful options. Due to their flexible terms and rules a person can buy them without medical screening or other exams.    


Driving risks coverage

Insurance applicants who got some penalties or charges on their driving record often face difficulty during an underwriting process. But, this insurance without a health exam, offers more flexible rules and guidelines. If a candidate’s Infringement history is older than five years without a fresh case, they can expect a fully underwriting policy without delay. The driving risks involved in the coverage include – extreme speed, rash driving, extra move violations, license suspension, etc.


No need to visit an insurance company

Most health insurance companies have their specific principles, conditions, and other norms related to insurance. To know about their policies with specific options, people have to book an appointment with their agents. Sometimes, candidates visit their office multiple times to get qualified. But, in a No Medical Life Insurance case, there is nothing of this sort. Most of the insurers offer their services online with easy terms and conditions. A person can also consult them over the phone in case of any doubt.      


Beneficial for senior citizens

Elderly persons require more health safety than younger ones. But, sadly, most of the health insurance companies either deny them selling a policy or offer very high rates. This is due to their old age, poor medical history, and high risk involved in their life. However, insurance with no medical test offers several useful options even to those old people who are near the age of 65. They can also get some extra coverage for their spouses or dependents.    


Coverage of risky jobs

Some occupations involve high risks to the life of a professional. Activities such as rock climbing, skydiving, snowboarding, etc. are some of the examples of such jobs. The latest medical policy covers these types of risk factors through suitable terms. Anyone involved in such activities can utilize the benefits through flexible options.           


Coverage of critical health issues

Insurance without medical exams is exceptionally beneficial for persons who are suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, or other critical medical issues. Applicants who have some pre-existing chronic ailments such as diabetes, illness, heart problems, etc. can also get benefits through this. On submitting the medical records, they can get a 10% discount on the premiums. 


Foreign tour coverage 

Many families dream to visit foreign countries for recreational or other purposes but are unable to do so due to financial scarcity. But, this insurance gives them such opportunities through valuable and attractive terms. Candidates planning to visit a foreign land in the near future can enjoy more lenient terms and easy process.  


Quick and easy

To get qualified or buy this policy, applicants need not wait long for their medical results. They can get it instantly through a simple underwriting process. The related documentation process is also very easy and uncomplicated.   


Alcohol and drugs issues

Insurers feel the risk to underwrite a policy for individuals who have an alcohol or drug abuse history. This insurance again proves beneficial for such persons as many options are available for them. For example, policy seekers can buy coverage up to $50,000 if they have not faced any alcohol issue from the past one year. The same coverage amount increases if no such issue occurs from the past three years.        


Individuals at the age of 60 to 75 years, can get coverage with lifetime renewal facilities and extra benefits. Some of these plans can be acquired for more than one year with the financial support of millions of dollars. Apart from the daycare procedure, the pre-hospitalization cost is also included in them before 30 days of diagnosis.    


Insurances without strict medical standards are a blessing for candidates suffering from critical diseases or similar issues. This medical plan not only saves their time but also provides them good monetary support in unfortunate circumstances. After calculating their financial and physical conditions, they can select a policy that best serves their purposes.     


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