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Meet divyanka: a 23year old women rights activist and CEO of womenlite!!

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We had the privilege of catching up with the beautiful and delectable Divyanka sehdev, a 23 year old women rights activist! She’s the CEO of an amazing website where she shares inspirational and insightful content that help women all over the world live the lives they dream of.
She was gracious enough to grant us an interview. Read and be inspired.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Divyanka Sehdev and I’m 23 years old.  I was born and brought up in the capital of India, New Delhi. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Journalism and Mass communication (H) from Delhi University.

I am running my own women oriented website which includes information from different categories of women’s lifestyle. Also, I am running an Instagram page since 2018 with an audience of 18k+ by the name of @womenlite itself where I share motivational , inspirational and fashion related quotes and videos.

Why did you start blogging?

I started my own website in April 2017 because at that time I just liked to write. I had my opinions which I wanted to share with the people specifically about women. Blogging was a trendy upcoming thing in India that time and I just decided to go for it without making any professional plans regarding it.

I just knew the basics so I started it and it eventually started doing well.  I had a thought that I want to reach people with my writings so that they know more about women and their lifestyle. So this was the reason why I started with it.

What inspired you to opt for a women oriented brand?…

I have been inclined towards the concepts of Feminism and Women empowerment and this is the main reason why I started with my very own women oriented website.

I wanted to contribute something in this amazing movement of women empowerment. And with this website I had a very good platform to do that. I started campaigns to share many inspiring stories about women. I connected with them through Instagram and published their stories of struggle and victory so that the readers could connect and get inspired by them.

How long have you been building your brand and how has it been so far?

I started in April 2017 and since then the brand is growing. As I have previously told you that I started with the rough idea so I had own share of ups and downs with it. It is after 2 years of its running that I can see that now it is in a stable condition and I can take it forward as my professional career.

What are your greatest joys and challenges so far as the CEO of

I think the greatest Joy is that it is all on me. So I have all the freedom to plan and execute things. I don’t have to seek for permissions or any kind of approvals before proceeding towards something new.

And in a way it’s a challenge as well because I don’t have any second opinions to have some advice or something.

But I usually look at it with positivity. Because in this way you learn on a very large scale. You take decisions and they work most of the times and sometimes they don’t, but that’s how you learn and grow. By making mistakes you actually learn to fix things practically. And everytime you correct something, you gain an immense amount of confidence to proceed with even more determination.

How are you able to stay consistent ?

If you are focused towards your goal, you are going to stay consistent no matter what. If you are working towards your dream then every step no matter how small or big it is, counts. There is no overnight success. So consistency is not an option, it’s a priority.

The one major thing which helps me to stay consistent is that I think about my goal every night before I go to sleep. So the next morning when I wake up, I wake up with the motivation to contribute at least something towards that ultimate goal. Everyday you won’t see massive magical results and that’s completely fine but everyday you can put your efforts to bring those results.

What are your greatest professional strengths?

My Greatest professional strength would be that I am grateful for my work but I am never satisfied with my work. I always feel that I can do better and I can be more productive. This keeps me going. And I always seek for “What’s next?” and “What more I can do with it?” I always keep looking for the ways of reaching a wider audience. This urge in me of doing more is my biggest professional strength.

Also, I am consistent and I believe in putting everyday efforts in my work. Patience and looking for solutions would also be some of my more professional strengths I attain.

What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

My weakness would be that I create unwanted stress on myself. But this is something I am actually working on.

Earlier when I used to work, I didn’t care much about having proper healthy food or having a complete sleep. But then it started affecting my health. It was only a few months back when I started taking care of myself as well along with my work.

I read the importance of sleep in a popular book “The power of your subconscious mind.” Since then I started focusing on my well being too. I am still working on this and I am sure I would fix this soon. Because I understood that is only when I am in my best state, I would be able to give my best to my work.

What are your hobbies?

I am an all time Bollywood fan. Movies and songs have a great impact on my life, they have a large influence on how I look at life. So watching movies and dancing are my hobbies.

I also love to write, read books, draw, paint and create things. I never get bored, I always have something to do and it makes me feel good and productive.

How do you manage your time as an entrepreneur?

I completed my graduation last year and since then I have been dedicatedly working towards my website only. I had a choice to opt for post graduation and go for a job but I chose to dedicate all my time to my website only. It was a tough decision because the website was at very initial stage at that time. But I went professionally for it so time management became easier.

As the website grew, I started my Instagram page as well so it started taking my time too. But it’s all part of the work and I don’t have any restrictions or distractions right now so I am able to concentrate on my work very efficiently.

How long did it take before you started earning?

I started in April 2017 and it was in November 2017 that I received my first earning. I remember it so clearly because it was just the next day after my birthday. It is indeed very special for me.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs who look up to you?

The first advice would be that – be clear about your goal. If you are still unclear about what you want to do , nothing would work. Because you don’t get results instantly, you have to work consistently with patience. And when you don’t see results, you get demotivated and leave the work. So if you don’t have that burning desire of achieving your goal you won’t be able to dedicate yourself in the work completely. So it is very important to be clear about your goal because that is going to be your driving force all throughout your journey.

The next would be – never be afraid to start something. If you are waiting for the “right time” to start, the right time would never come. You have to get up and just start. Once you are into it, you will find ways, you will find solutions and you will find yourself doing things rather than just thinking about it. And once you are actually creating something or doing something it keeps you going to do more. Don’t wait, just start. Have faith in yourself and go for it. Wish you luck!

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