How to Use a Planner Effectively in year 2019

How to use a planner effectively in year 2019

The New year is progressing really fast, isn’t it? How is the new year coming at your end? Hopefully, it’s going great! Let me guess, you’ve made a decision to be more organized and goal oriented this year, just like I have. …
…….Ride on friend, That’s the way to go!

One of the easiest ways to stay organized in year 2019 is by using a planner, if you want to keep track of tasks and stay on top of everything, you definitely need to get a planner. It’s handy, helpful and super easy to use. Luckily there are so many options available in the market, whether it’s an office planner a monthly planner or a pocket planner you need, you sure would find. Take a pick from the options available depending on your specific needs and wants.

A paper planner is the focus for today, the old-fashioned method of writing down goals and ideas on paper never fails, any day, anytime. A paper planner helps you write down, visualize and assess your plans and ideas regularly.
As we all know, writing down your goals makes it easier for you to keep track of your progress.

Unfortunately, Despite all the perks of using a planner, most people struggle with committing to using a planner effectively.
Here are some tips on how to use a planner effectively in year 2019, so you can reach your goals and potentials this year.

How to use a planner effectively in year 2019 How to use a planner effectively in 2019

1. Get a planner with a great design: as silly as this may sound, it actually works great. A visually appealing planner goes a long way in helping you utilize it, thankfully whether you are male or female, there are so many beautiful designs with great layout. There are planners for men and women.

2. Use a single planner: from personal tasks to business goals and appointments make sure to use a single planner for everything. It’s easier to keep track of everything you have purposed to do when it can easily be accessed in a single book. Use color coding to separate personal tasks from business ideas. Some experts advice that you can use a different color of pen for various tasks, try using a red pen for business or work related stuff and a blue or black pen for personal plans.

3. Write clearly: avoid the temptation to scribble down your thoughts in codes or by using a single word to refer to a plan or an idea, most times you would forget what it was you were trying to get done after a long time. One of the ways of using a planner effectively in year 2019 is by stating clearly what you intend to do, use full sentences, if possible include concrete steps you intend to take in order to accomplish the task.

4. Go through your plans regularly: a planner is not part of the house furniture, so don’t dump it in some far away shelf or corner. Keep it where you can easily see it and access it, if possible, always take it along with you wherever you go and most importantly, check your planner as often as possible, go through the plans for the month, the week and also the day. Endeavour to go through your planner in the evening to know the plans for the following day. Throughout the day check your planner to keep your mind refreshed and to stay updated on the things you’ve listed out to accomplish.

5. Be realistic: Don’t go overboard with your plans, set realistic Targets and work with realistic time frames. The fastest way to get frustrated and discouraged out of everything is by trying to take on more than you can handle, easy does it! Make sure that what’s on your to-do list for the day is realistic and achievable within a short time frame.

6. Reward yourself for tasks accomplished: I love celebrating my small wins, they go a long way in motivating me do much more. Oh the joy of ticking off accomplished plans, it just gives an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

Did you find this post helpful? Why not use the comment section to share your thoughts and suggestions on how to use a planner effectively in year 2019!

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  • Olena

    I have never used a paper planner but I have seen some really cute ones that are making me rethink having one. Thanks for the great tips. I have a feeling I will be using them soon.

  • Kendro

    I was actually just thinking about getting a planner yesterday, either as an app or one I can write in. Love these tips! Definitely trying to get more organized for 2019.

  • Kay

    Inkwell Planners are my go to. The only planner that keeps me sane. I can doodle, jot down and get my life together all in one place. Doodling is good. As long as it helps you keep your flow.

  • Mimi Green

    This was the reminder I needed. I got a new planner, I have it all set up, and it has a cute design and everything. I have been diligent about using it daily. It has held me accountable.

  • Tysheira

    You know I brought a planner and don’t ever use it. I really hate when that happens. After reading this article, I really would like to make my planner more useful. Thanks for these tips!

  • Ola

    I’ve found that planning electronically works best for me these days. I still write my schedule down because it helps me to sound down things in my head. But I later copy it to an electronic calender and set reminders. Seems like double work, but I just can’t stand dragging that planner around with me.

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