Proms are becoming so much popular in the UK

When a lot of people are concerned about Wedding Photo Swap, the young ones in the UK are most enthusiastic about their Secondary school proms.

Nicely Tailored clothing and well groomed cars are not uncommon in such occasions, and there’s a sharp contrast from how school proms are now and how school discos used to be.

A school prom isn’t just a party, it’s a party that comes with joy, as you can only participate at your Senior year at Secondary school, those at the verge of writing their final exams or even after it are active participants and advocate of school proms.

As a matter of fact this hasn’t only been the students alone that love this event.. their parents also are motivating them to participate for a few students who are not really motivated to do it.

Speaking about how it has changed since the time of the old school discos it’s changed a lot. This can be seen in some of the styles available at

While the same concept remains there are some few tweaks that makes it different from the past. One of such is the Dressing, most guys still wear the normal flashy suits but the major difference is the way these clothings are groomed.

The suit trousers in old school discos usually get bigger as the length goes down but since the early 2000’s there has been a huge change in the way these trousers are made. Most of them are called slim fit and they usually fit in very well.

The girls wear classic clothes which don’t lose its simplicity which leave me asking if a wedding photo swap is going to be done later on. Well it doesn’t seem so as it’s just a simple outfit that is classic at the same time.

To be honest even the girls who aren’t beautiful always look good that day

Any girl a guy is taking out for a prom date would always check if their date is well groomed, these are things that didn’t really matter when it was all school discos.

The location of these parties has also changed drastically, while in the past we don’t usually have school being so serious about school discos or they aren’t ready to splash a huge amount for a five star hotel for the prom party, the majority of secondary school in the UK are now are now confident enough to pay a huge sum for a five star hotel JUST for a school prom.

Not all schools do this though, a few just have a basic dinner in their school hall.

Most proms are organized by some professional agencies who organize parties and the likes.

The Cars, used in prom these days are very luxurious, using a chauffeur driven limousine, most students adopt this option and it has been a very popular feature of proms.

So it’s obvious that a lot has changed in regards school proms in comparison with old school discos, both parents and students are enthusiastic about this event.

What do you think? Do you think schools should spend a lot on proms? Leave your answer in the comment section below.


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