My Top Life Lessons of 2021!

2021, has been quite a remarkable year for me!
Need I mention ?


It’s a few days to the end of the year and I’m set to throw a praise party!
If I were to jot my entire year in a few words, it would be; God is faithful!


Amidst the many blessings, I learned many life lessons too, permit me to share 3 of them.


On Growth!

I Learned
“You don’t rise by chance, you rise on the strength of knowledge”
Growth doesn’t just happen, you make it happen. Do you desire to see growth and improvement in any area of your life? then you must put in the work.


Growth simply means going from one level to another, And to achieve this you need knowledge, you need information, and you need to apply these to the necessary areas. A.k.a ” work ”


Sometime last year I got frustrated with how much clarity I lacked and how stuck I was in many areas of my life. So I decided to ask myself the big question. “What do I want to do? what areas of my life do I want to see improvements in, and I decided to do something about it!


In 2022, be intentional! So intentional about your growth process, don’t leave anything to the relentless drift of events.



On Relationships!

I Learned,
“The company you keep, either makes or mars you, it doesn’t leave you the same”
As a typical people pleaser, I’d rather hang my head on a stake than hurt anyone’s feelings. As a result, I have had my share of hits and misses when it comes to friendships and relationships.


Sometime last year I decided to make some changes. Truth is, the people you surround yourself with will have a huge impact on your life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Influence is subtle! So here’s what I did, I made some drastic changes!
I decided to focus on my path/vision and allow my journey to attract the people going in the same direction.
What did I learn?
“You’ll attract your kind eventually”.



On Vision

I Learned
“Without vision, a man cannot manage his own life, much less the life of others”
You cannot navigate your way when you have no vision of where you are headed
Your vision is your compass for living. It is the map that guides you in the journey of life.


When we talk about Vision, purpose, clarity, and the likes the average person zones out because it sounds a little too mystical. Well, the truth is, what you can’t visualize you can’t Actualize.


For many years I struggled with clarity.
I knew what I wanted to become I could easily identify people who were doing it, but my vision was so blurred, eventually, I decided to dig deep into God and into myself to know what he wants me to do, and clarity started to come.


So, there you have it, a simple summary of some of the lessons I learned in 2021!
Care to share some of yours?

Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.


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