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10 Packing Tips Every Traveller Should know!

Raise your hand if you love to travel! I’m raising my hands and my feet too. You need to see my travel bucket list, it’s stacked from top to bottom. I have had a few trips but I want more.. Can you blame me? Travelling is always fun, the sights, the food..  everything! what’s not to love? But when it comes down to backPacking For a trip, most travellers get stuck, especially the long-distance trips, for instance If you’re booking Flights from Lagos to New York or an RV rental that’s quite a long journey and it could get a little confusing, What should I take? what’s not important ? Am I over packing?

Here are some packing tips for travellersPacking tips

1. Write down what you need : yes please!! Have a list and work with it. Creating a list helps you to narrow down what’s important and what’s not.

2. Leave anything that’s not essential : when travelling only take the essentials. Some things can be gotten easily when you get to your destination, most hotels provide a lot of toiletries so why burden yourself with so much luggage after all.

3. Don’t carry valuables around : except you are outrightly relocating You really do not need to take your valuables on every trip. Pick-pockets are in every community and they like to target tourists So except it’s inevitable,Leave it at home. Don’t travel with anything you would miss if it was stolen.

4. Use your shoes to stash items : Do you know that your shoes can be used to store some of your small items. Never let your shoes travel empty. Use the toes for holding zip-locked jewelry and after rolling your socks, swimsuits, ties and undergarments stuff them into your shoes.

5.Plan according to location : if you are thinking of booking Flights from Lagos to New York you know that the weather conditions are extremely different so you have to pack to suit the weather condition of the states.

6.Pack versatile clothing: try to mix match clothing so that you can get maximum benefit from little numbers. Bring tops that can be worn with more than just one pair of shorts or a certain skirt. This will provide more variety and make the 5 shirts you pack feel like two weeks’ worth of different outfits!

7. Study about your destination: the world is becoming a global village thanks to blogs and YouTube videos you can get any information about literally any country of the world. So, before you embark on your journey try to find out what the people are like, the food, safety tips and what to expect.

8. You need a carry-on bag : take a mini bag that you can always strap to your body while going from place to place and  where you can put your personal items. Advisably,don’t choose a day-bag with wheels just to save you the stress of having to drag it along. You can easily organize your items into packing cubes to keep things neat and tidy.


9. Know the regulations : take a little time out to get information about the laws and regulations of the country you intend to visit. To avoid “I was stranded at the airport” kind of situations.

10: be nice and polite : you do not want to get the locals pissed With bad attitude. So be as nice as you can. Even If you don’t understand the language just keep a smile and I’m sure with time you will blend in. Have you been travelling, what has your experience been like?   Read also >> why you should book your trans-siberian tour first-class 

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