3 Items On My Fitness wishlist

A few months have passed since I decided to become more intentional with my life and work.

So how has it been?

It’s not been an easy walkover, I still slip and stumble, some days are better than others but I’m making some progress.

Today, I’m sharing what’s on my fitness wishlist because self-development would be incomplete without body improvement; It’s a whole package.

In addition to waking up early and getting stuff accomplished, I have also set some body goals because without good health and wellness life would be a drag. Being that I have struggled with my weight and health in the past. I have come to acknowledge the importance of exercising and eating healthily. As much as it’s still a chore for me and I have to literally drag myself through it, I try!

In view of this, there are a few items that I’m dying to own. These kits make working out a lot easier and stress-free. Here are some of the fitness pieces that I found on FeelinGirl which I can’t wait to own.


Waist and thigh trimmer: nothing ruins a good body like a protruding tummy, it’s just bad news, that’s why this item is top on my list. I’m so passionate about my midsection, and I try to make sure that I don’t put on so much weight around that area. Belly fat is the hardest to burn, it comes upon you like a thief in the night and takes forever to go away. For a lot of people, a waist trimmer has become the go-to fitness item because it makes working out a lot easier and more productive. It is a fitness enhancer strategically designed to give you the body of your dreams. it melts fat, lifts your butt, and trims your waist.

I have been wanting to have one of these for eons. Funny how I still haven’t gotten one yet! I have heard so many amazing things about the waist and thigh trimmer and I’m quite curious to see how it works. The best part is you can actually wear it anywhere and anytime, not just during workouts. If you are having a hard time fitting into the dress of your dreams, a waist, and a thigh trimmer is a good tool for shrinking the size of your belly. So, In addition to my joggers and hoodie, I would really love to own a waist and thigh trimmer, I believe it would help me achieve my body goals.


Slimming bodysuit: for the love of a perfect body, I would love to have a slimming bodysuit. A slimming bodysuit helps to hold your body together during workouts and other times, it performs other essential functions like
Improvement of posture, straightening your body, making the body firm, enhancing curves, compression, and support. There are a lot of amazing options available, so whatever your preferences are, there’s something for you.


High waist Leggings: I also have this high waisted neoprene sports pants on my fitness wishlist, it’s amazing. Everyone who knows me knows I have a penchant for leggings, it’s one of my must-have fashion items. This particular piece takes the entire leggings game to a whole new level.

For starters, it helps to remove excess fat in the waist, tummy, and lower back, it also shapes and reduces the tummy. It’s perfect for workout and casual use. It has an internal lining that makes it super comfortable.

There you have it, my fitness wishlist. What’s on yours, share in the comments section?

Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.


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