5 Signs that He Regrets Dumping you and Wants you Back

dealing with a breakup is one of the toughest things your weak heart will have to deal with, and most of the time, it always feels like someone died. Yes, you can liken it to losing a loved one, and how tragic it can be for the first few weeks. It can take a while for you to get over the feeling and get back on track with your life. But it can help the healing process to know if your ex regrets calling things quit with you. So what are the signs that he regrets dumping you and might be interested in getting back with you?

There are many reasons why your guy can choose to break up with you, and you need to know that it is not always your fault that things didn’t work out between you two. The main reason is usually infidelity, and most guys would undoubtedly call it quits if they find that their woman has been seeing another guy on the side. But if that’s not the case with you two, then all hope is not lost. You could still patch things up with your ex and get back to the way things were. You can start by looking up this guide

for signs that he regrets hurting you. 


Checks Up on You Regularly

Does he often call to know how you are doing, if you have eaten, or want to talk to someone? Then chances are he misses having you around and still nurtures the thoughts of been back together with you. But you also want to consider how long it has been since you were last an item. If it’s just been a few days or week since the breakup, then you want to give him more time to see if he is only finding it hard to adjust to the changes, or he sincerely regrets calling it quit.

Signs your ex regrets dumping you

Trying to be Close to You

If he is genuinely sorry that things ended between both of you, he will do everything within his power to get close to you. This one is practical if he cheated or you, or if he was to blame for the breakup in the first instance. He shows up at your door, and when you wouldn’t give him an audience, he resorts to using your friends or relatives to get to you. You want to be careful here, as he is desperate to get back with you, and wouldn’t mind spending all he’s got on an engagement ring if it would bring you back to him. You can learn more here if it is a good idea to stay close to your ex.


Stalks you Often 

Now this one is not entirely out of the picture as you will undoubtedly bump into him one time as he just casually says he happened to be in the area. That’s a big no. He will stalk you for so many reasons, and it is mostly to see if you are dating someone else, or hoping to run into you and have a casual conversation, with hopes that it can lead to something positive.


Buys you Present Signs your ex is miserable without you

So you happen to run into him a few days ago at the gym, and now he is gifting you flowers and a box of your favorite chocolates the second time you meet for drinks. Darling, chances are that he is seriously scheming to get back with you. But I would advise you to wait it out and get to know just how sorry he is because he could only be interested in getting back with you just for sex and nothing serious. And if your ex only wants sex from you, I suggest you avoid him and move on with your life.


He is Open About It 

If you find your ex referring to your relationship in his social media handle, talking about how great things were with you, and how he would love to get back with you, then it is either he is darn serious or losing it. He doesn’t have to spell it out to you, but you can tell when he likes all your new posts on social media, calls your friends to ask about you, and still helps your granny with her garden from time to time. Guys do the stupidest things when they are in love, and they don’t mind screaming to the high heavens that they love you or want you back.


signs your ex is miserable

Breaking up is never easy and consolation can hardly be found in anything once it occurs. The only way to heal from the hurt of a breakup is to focus on your own growth, development and happiness.There’s also some kind of comfort in knowing that the one who dumped you, is miserable without you.

This is why you tend to always check for signs your ex is miserable after dumping you! At least some solace can be gotten from the knowledge that your ex would realize he lost a rare gem and would live to regret breaking up with you! Here are a few signs that your ex is miserable without you and regrets breaking up with you!


He talks bad about you: if your ex is going around town telling people how loud you snore at night or how much he doesn’t miss your cooking, this could be a sign that he’s miserable and is just terrible at managing his emotions. Most people have a terrible way of handling pain, so rather than call you up and talk maturely about how much he misses you, he might resort to talking about you with every tom, dick and Harry! Don’t let it get to you, because this is a sign that he misses you and regrets breaking up with you.


He picks up bad habits: as much as this is a terrible coping mechanism,this is one of the most obvious signs that he’s regretting breaking up with you. There are a lot of people who respond to hurt and pain by hurting themselves or getting involved in some questionable lifestyle habits. Resorting to bad habits serves as a form of consolation for them. Some people right after a break up become alcoholics, drug abusers and start keeping late nights. As bad and horrible as this sounds it’s a sign that your ex is miserable without you and regrets breaking up with you.


He breaks the no-contact rule: No matter how hard he tries to hide it, your ex is obviously miserable without you, if he is reaching out to you after the break up!

He might hide under the guise of checking to see how you are doing” or act like you are the only one who truly understands him so he needs your life saving advice one more time!

It doesn’t matter what he chooses to use as his pick up line, as long as he’s breaking the no contact rule and reaching out to you,he definitely wants you back.


signs he wants you back but won’t admit it:

Is your ex having lots of regrets about dumbing you in the dumpster? This is one line of thought that is often on the front porch of people who get dumped or just fresh out of a breakup. There has to be some kind of karma for your painful experience! Because we can’t get into the minds of other people it gets really tricky and hard to tell, but here are some telltale signs to look out for!


He likes your social media posts When you break up with someone, the last thing you want to do is “keep up with them” either in real life or virtually, because you should spend that energy building your new life and keeping up with your new friends. However, if you notice that your ex is not only following you on social media, but still likes and comments on your posts chances are he’s still interested in your like and wants you back.



Final Note 

That he exhibits any of these signs is not a guarantee that if you do get back together, that things will be better off this time around, but it is a start. And you two can make it a better on by talking and ironing out your differences so you can move forward together. If it isn’t also possible for you to get back together with him, you need to let him know clearly, so he too can get his life back on track.

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  • Kiwi

    The older I get the more these ex games are just that GAMES. If a man can’t come to you and express if he wants to get with you ex or not, you are better off without him. The right man knows how to express himself without all of this read between the lines stuff.

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