Future-Proof Tech Skills You Should Learn in 2020

When people think about the future, they often get stressed out. While this may be true for some, there are others who find the idea exciting. It is probably because they feel they are prepared to face the upcoming challenges.


However, when we think about the future of work, it’s hard to know for sure if we are prepared. The tech market is evolving fast; for that reason, as days pass, even more companies are implementing new technologies on their products, as well as in their processes.


The implementation of new technologies has brought disruption to industries. For that reason, it is probable that you might lose your current job as the role will no longer be needed. So, in order to meet today’s requirements and determine if our skills are going to be useful in future days, we have to take a look at today’s in-demand skills.

To put it another way, we must take a look at what employers are looking for in their new hirings, what technologies are changing and innovating the market, and what roles are essential for companies these days. To answer those questions, here’s a list of some vital tech skills that will allow you not only to meet today’s employers’ demands but also to future-proof your skillset, as they will likely be needed isomen the coming years.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a technology that has been implemented by most major companies. Not only because it allows them to improve their products or services but also because it allows them to provide better user experiences to customers. Machine learning offers systems the capability to learn from experience. For that reason, products and services are able to learn and improve their own performance without human intervention.


An excellent example of that is Tesla’s vehicles. With the use of math algorithms, they can analyze how a human driver drives to develop autopilot skills. In the same way, companies like Pinterest have used machine learning to identify visual similarities and categorize content to provide the right results to users. In effect, Pinterest is using this technology to match pinned users’ photos with other similar images in further searches.


As can be seen, machine learning is a technology that has become popular these days, and employers are in a constant hunt for candidates with machine learning skills. Also, this technology will still be used in the next decade as it is still in continuous evolution.


If you want to pick up this skill, you can opt for self-education or take the traditional route of a college education. However, there is also another resource that is more cost-effective and concise—coding bootcamps. Thinkful, for instance, provides courses where people can enroll and stay up to date. At Thinkful, you will not only learn in-demand tech skills like machine learning but also will be on the path of actual professional fulfillment. Students can learn from the best-experienced mentors as the school is committed to your success.

Web Development

Web development has become vital for companies to remain competitive. It is because now websites are essential for digital marketing. Customers now would prefer to buy a product using online platforms than going to an actual place and buy it in a physical store. Websites have allowed companies to improve their advertising effectiveness while saving money on printing and distribution costs. Under those circumstances, there is no doubt that web developers are highly in demand these days as they are essential for companies to run.


Under those circumstances, if you want to remain competitive and be noticeable, you should learn web development skills. Whether you are a busy person or not, App Academy is the right place to start learning. The school offers several courses where you can learn front end coding, as well as back end coding. App Academy’s programs have no tuition costs until you start earning over $50K per year. For that reason, future-proofing your skillset and getting a new job never looked so good.



With the digitalization processes, more data is being generated every day. For that reason, database administrators, data scientists, and software engineers with SQL skills have become highly sought-after. It is because data is like gold these days and companies need to collect data in order to get to know their customers better. With the use of SQL, companies are able to combine data from multiple sources as well as manage large rows of data. In effect, that’s what makes SQL so unique.


It is essential to realize that SQL will still be a highly demanded programming language as more data will be generated in the following years. With Kenzie Academy, you will be able to learn SQL skills as well as other in-demand programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Django. Its programs are available only full-time but you can still learn from home as the company offers online courses.


Python is a programming language beloved by beginners, as it is easy to learn. But, that’s not why companies need Python-skilled employees. It is because Python is exceptional for data visualization, data interpretation, and data analysis. It is a flexible tool that helps data scientists accomplish their tasks with ease. With the use of Python, data scientists are able to create more sophisticated insights while spending lesser time during the process. In like manner, Python allows users to create multiple purpose solutions that fit companies’ needs. For that reason, Python will be a programming language that will be needed by companies in the next decade.


With this in mind, learning Python is something that you should do in 2020. Given that, Springboard is the right place to start as the school offers self-paced courses where you’ll receive support from experienced mentors. Its courses cover not only Python but also JavaScript, SQL, and React. With those programming languages in your toolbox, you will be able to meet any job requirement, as well as face new challenges in the following years.


Future-proofing your skillset will require dedication and hard work, but rest assured that it will be something you won’t regret. With this in mind, you are no longer at a place of not knowing where to start because here are the answers to your questions. For that reason, learning these in-demand tech skills will prepare you for today’s demands, as well as tomorrow’s challenges.

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