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Mind, Body, Style – Why Wellness And Activewear Are The Biggest Trends Of The Century

Modern-day wellness refers to holistic living encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Wellness has become an umbrella term, expanding to cover all aspects of healthy living such as yoga, pilates, meditation, massage, supplements, superfoods, and much more, with everything in life there is a cost, if you’re thinking of taking part in classes or looking into taking supplements and not sure if it’s worth the price, always look out for coupons like a Total Restore coupon for Gundry supplements.


The rise of wellness

Many factors have contributed to the growth of wellness.

  • Firstly, millennials are more lifestyle-focused, placing a greater value on health and wellness over material goods than ever before.
  • Secondly, in recent years, there have been major concerns regarding the typical American diet and lifestyle, creating a shift in the way we eat, move, and think.
  • Whereas before, wellness was seen as a luxury, something that only the rich could afford, the growth of wellness activities such as yoga has given Americans of all backgrounds the chance to become happier, healthier, and calmer.
  • Wellness has a holistic approach to health, putting equal importance on our mental, physical and emotional health, and ensuring all are in sync. In our fast-paced, modern lifestyle, and with our heavy social media usage, mental and emotional health conditions have risen, leading to the desire to find more balance in our minds and our lives.


The growth of wellness has gained traction across multiple industries and led to the creation of additional trends within the wellness world and much more. One example of this is the fashion wellness trend of activewear.

The birth of activewear 

Born out of the popularity of wellness, activewear has become one of the biggest fashion trends today. As more and more Americans began to shift their way of living to a more healthy, holistic lifestyle, gyms, yoga studios, and fitness clubs saw their memberships significantly rise.

This increased desire to look after the body through physical movement brought with it a heightened demand for gym apparel. Both high street and designer brands began adding activewear components to their offering, and new fashion labels emerged specializing in fashionable and functional workout gear.

Fashion meets wellness

Although there has been much debate over the need for athleisure clothing, activewear is doing great things in the wellness world right now. Fashion and wellness can seem like polar opposites, so how can a fashion trend positively impact our wellbeing?

Well, many activewear brands are partnering with wellness experts to deliver great content to support your healthy lifestyle. For instance, there are many great videos on the Fabletics Youtube channel offering tutorials on yoga, meditation, home workouts, and meal ideas.

Moreover, activewear clothing is not just about looking good. It can help you get the most from your gym workout, pilates class, and yoga practice by supporting your body, keeping you cool, and providing a maximum range of movement. Gym apparel is designed using high-quality fabric and advanced technology in a way that maximizes your performance.

With wellness becoming a way of life for more and more Americans, and the desire for a healthy body, mind, and soul, growing rapidly, it seems that both wellness and activewear are not going anywhere.

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