Finding Love in the Midst of a Pandemic!

We are living in very unusual times! Seems like the earth is literally taking a break. The Stadiums are empty, the streets are bare and the doors to many religious houses are under lock and key; needless to say, this pandemic has affected everything, from our social lives to our love lives.


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on how we date has been massive, while some people have been blessed with the privilege of sharing this lockdown with their significant other, our hearts go out to those who are stuck in a rut with abusive and violent partners.

Then There are the category of people who are still single and searching, but how is it even possible to find love when you don’t have your social life on fleek? hanging out with friends, going out to interact and meet with potential partners is a luxury that we can’t afford for now.

Now what?

Here are a few ideas on how to still find love even in the midst of the pandemic.


the first step to finding love is to first love yourself. A person who does not have love cannot give love.

The lockdown has provided us with the rare opportunity to breathe and de-clutter both our minds and spaces. It has also given us the time we otherwise would not have to embark on some self improvement journey. This is a good time to cultivate your own interests, finish up on pending projects and take up learning. The more equipped you are as a person, the better your chances of finding the right person. The benefits of taking care of yourself and cultivating your interests are countless; it sets you apart and helps you bring your “A” game to the relationship.


Online dating sites

Thanks to technology and platforms like dating Guernsey all hope is not lost when it comes to finding love and making new friends during the pandemic, With tons of dating sites to explore and various social media platforms to enjoy, you are more likely to have more options on your hands than you can imagine. Guernsey dating site is a good place to start. It is a great platform that connects singles who are searching with potential partners. Whether you are looking for a friend or a Long-term partner you sure would find someone who meets your specs. The best thing about this platform is that it is super easy to find people with similar interests and goals.


Be open minded

Having a successful relationship is in the details. The day-to-day communication and interaction is something you cannot afford to take for granted. So, it’s good to start practicing mindfulness and openness with your friends and family. Thankfully, with technology, you can share the special moments in your life in real time with the people you love, through photos, texts and FaceTime; no one has to miss out on anything. A lot of people are oftentimes a little bit skeptical about sharing the details of their lives with anyone, this is something you would have to start getting used to if you are searching for love.

Relationships are all about sharing your life with someone else, so start practicing with your friends and family. Try as much as you can to keep in touch with loved ones, reach out to new people, reconnect with old friends, and who knows, you might just bump into that special someone when you least expect it. relationships rely more heavily on communication so, when you communicate, keep an open mind  when interacting it’s important to share a bit more details instead of just generalizations. This is a good way to sustain conversations and dig deep into the minds of the people with whom you are interacting.


Be positive and confident

Finally, Optimism is the name of the game. No matter how long it’s been or how frustrated you feel, always keep your head up and your hopes high. Confidence is also super attractive whatever you do, always endeavor to feel and act confident.

Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.

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