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How to maintain a healthy relationship

Isn’t this the million dollar question. When it comes to defining a healthy relationship it is important to note that there are no clear parameters. You might think that the answers are obvious, but there is a lot of subjectivity there as well. One of the main indicators of a healthy relationship is how it makes you both feel. A person should feel loved, respected and heard in a relationship. There is no room for doubt and fear. Now in order to help maintain the above mentioned positive aspects and emotions there are several things that you and your partner can do.

Exhibit mutual respect

One of the crucial aspects of any healthy relationship, whether it refers to your love life or your career is mutual respect. We do not need to have the exact same options on everything but we need to respect our partner’s even if we disagree. Mutual respect is seeing your partner as an equal and being able to communicate on that level. We need to be able to value our partner’s needs, feelings and opinions and at the same time to have ours respected. This refers to everything from your beliefs to music choices and favorite teams. This is why mutual respect is key, if it is one-sided it is a clear indicator of an unhealthy relationship.

Be on the same page

If one of you is going too fast and the other is pulling back then that is not a healthy relationship. It is important to recognize the difference between love and lust. We tend to get this wrong a lot of times and that can put the strain our relationships, especially if your partner isn’t on the same page with your emotions. So by understanding the lust vs love aspect of your relationship you will be able to move forward together. If one partner stays in the lust stage while the other moves on to the love part it can be quite difficult to have a mutual understanding of what the goals and expectations are for your relationship. So make sure you have these aspects nice and clear before someone gets hurt.

Clear lines of communication

If you feel that your partner does not hear what you are saying that can be a big issue in your relationship. Communication is crucial for maintaining a good partnership. If the message you are conveying is not being understood, than you and your partner are not in a good place. Both of your opinions need to be heard and understood in order to move forward. It often happens that we are saying one thing and our partner is hearing a completely opposite one. This is where making sure your communication is on a high level is crucial. When your message is conveyed properly you can have constructive debates and opinion exchanges which are all a normal, even desired part of healthy relationship.

Love yourself so that you can love your partner

We might think that it is enough just to show our partner that we love them. But it is equally important how we treat ourselves. In order for us to be able to function in a loving and productive relationship we need to feel good about ourselves. The person you are with will notice if you are too self-critical, or dissatisfied with the way you look or feel, and this negativity will be reflected in the way you two interact. A lot of people look for love and validation in their partners not understanding that they are barking at the wrong tree. We are the ones that need to love ourselves and to validate ourselves before we ask another person to do so. So don’t think it is your partner’s job to help you rediscover self-love.

These are just some of the helpful tips to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Of course a lot of it depends on you personally, and what makes you happy. But it is also important to show strength and admit that the relationship you are in is not good for you. This might be the hardest thing, but sometimes leaving is an only option. Being happy is our right and no amount of fear should compromise that.

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