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Home stylizing trends for 2018

The start of each year is one of the popular times to make life-changing decisions. Some of these changes are regarding lifestyle, health, and perspective in life.
Some people want to transform their space to complement some ceramic tiles from the Philippines.
For those people who are wanting to spice up their space, here are some

home designs trends  for 2018:Trends for 2018

  • Natural Touches– 2018 is the year that interior designs detach from the cold and futuristic designs of 2017 and lean on a more natural approach to interior design. Materials like stone, copper, concrete, and granite provide a very organic ambiance to any space.
  • Artisan Pieces– With these artistic pieces, the focus of the residents has turned away from the virtual world of technology to the natural world.
  • Velvet Touches– Once regarded as old-fashioned, this fabric is now the epitome of luxury and elegance. Cushions are not the only fluffy house items that are lined with velvet, even sofas are enveloped in this lush fabric.
  • Black and White– This classic combination is a bold choice that never gets old. Despite the bold appearance of this pair, the combo also balances the space.
  • Copper Accents– During 2017, Rose Gold was all the rage. This 2018, expect to see more of its deeper tones sister, Copper. The red and orange tones provide the earthly hue without sacrificing the glam of a metallic color.
  • Rich Pigments– Richer colors like velvety red, dramatic pinks, loud yellows, and even forest green will surely make your home décor pop and off other muted pieces.
  • Brass Accents– Keeping up with the warm and earthy theme motif, brass provides a certain warmth that is not found in stainless steel.
  • Geometric Patterns– Another interior trend that is coming back is the geometric pattern, preferably oversized prints that will provide a dramatic flair.
  • Millennial Pink– Not everything from 2017 will be discarded this 2018. This soft pink hue can update the look of any space and can be incorporated even in unique designs.
  • Red Hues– After years of being undermined by designers who prefer the cool vibe of green and blue colors, red tones are making a comeback. With the regal warmth that it provides, this tone can provide a well-blended contrast to any interior.
  • Agate Wallpaper– The use of wallpapers is another trend from 2017 that will continue on until 2018. These wallpapers provide the perfect accent wall with complementary hues and prints that pop.
  • Concrete– a re-emerging construction material and interior design element is the concrete. With the crisp and clean appearance, this material effortlessly blends well with any décor.
  • Trough Sinks– Commonly called as Bucket Sinks, this farm-house inspired sink provides a nostalgic feel to any bathroom. This dainty piece blends well with clean white ceramic tiles.
  • Retro Touches– Plenty of trends during the 70’s era will be re-surfacing this year. Warm tones, abstract silhouettes, and hip textures will provide a classic retro vibe

Key Takeaway, home design trends for  2018 is all about replicating the warmth of nature to the inside interior spaces. Natural touches like artisan pieces, copper accents, brass accents and red tones are sure to give off the desired warmth.Trends for 2018

For bolder and retro options, black & white, concrete, geometric patterns, and agate wallpapers add the perfect touch.
Bucket sinks add a vintage touch and blends seamlessly with some ceramic tiles.
Several interior design trends of 2017 like velvet touches and millennial pink are still funky style options for interior spaces.

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