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Wooden Venetian Blinds – the pros & cons

If you are considering fitting wooden Venetian blinds in your home, there are a few important things to bear in mind. Timber has long been a favourite material for interior home décor, and the timeless elegance makes for an ideal screening choice, but unfortunately, wooden blinds are not for everyone, and with that in mind, here are some pros and cons of having wooden Venetian blinds installed in your home.

A Natural MaterialWooden Venetian Blinds

If your home has rustic charm, for example, then timber slats make for the perfect screening, and with a choice of real timber or a faux woodgrain finish, there is something to suit everyone. There are online suppliers where you can buy wooden Venetian blinds made to measure for your home, and by giving the supplier precise measurements, you can be sure the blinds will fit like a glove.

Difficult to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds As Venetian blinds comprise of horizontal slats, they do collect a lot of dust, and while it isn’t a big job to wipe each one down with a damp cloth, it is time consuming, and if you aren’t really one for doing the housework, perhaps vertical blinds might be a better choice. There is an interesting guide online on how to clean Venetian blinds, which might save you a little time and energy.

Fine Adjustment – Wooden Venetian blinds do give you complete control over both lighting and privacy, and as the slats can be angled to suit, you can always find the right balance between visibility and seclusion. If you would like to explore the possibilities, an online search will soon land you on the website of a reputable supplier, and there are companies that will make the units according to the customer’s specifications, and all you have to do is fit them when they arrive.

Smooth Tracking – The latest generation of timber Venetian blinds come with a smooth tracking system that allows you to have fine control over the amount of light you let into the room. The slats can be different sizes and the supplier would have a range of slat widths to suit any opening, and with an online supplier, you can browse in the comfort of your own home.

A Sound Investment  Wooden Venetian Blinds While wooden Venetian blinds will not be the cheapest, they will outlast anything else and over the years, you will be happy with the trouble free operation. By investing in quality blinds that are made from the best materials, you will reap the long term benefits and the blinds will always look like new, providing you are handy with a duster.

Wooden Venetian blinds are not easy to keep clean, but that is really the only downside to choosing them, and if your home is already decorated with wood, the blinds will blend in perfectly. There are also faux timber styles if you prefer, and by taking your time and browsing online suppliers, you will likely find the ideal combination.



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  • Taylor Anderson

    Thanks for mentioning that cleaning your Venetian blinds may take a little more time, but it isn’t hard. I have some very youthful curtains in my room, so I’d like to make an upgrade. It sounds like Venetian blinds would be especially helpful, as I live in a very sunny place.

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