tips for looking after the conservatory
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Top tips for looking after the conservatory.

A conservatory is an asset to any home. Yet, it does require regular maintenance to keep it looking like new. Here’s a guide to looking after your conservatory.

  1. Using pressure washers

Never, ever use a pressure washer on the conservatory. While it may work well for cleaning your outdoor spaces, it can cause problems. The high-pressure water could damage the coatings and seals, causing water and air to get into the structure. Simply use a regular garden hose to get rid of loose dirt. Remember to regularly clean those blinds that have been made to fit into your conservatory, too.

  1. Regular upkeep

Always do an annual small service on the conservatory. This should include lubricating the hinges, locks, handles and cleaning out the drainage slots, downpipes and guttering. You should also thoroughly clean door and window jambs, clean the finials and apply protective oil to your lead flashing.

  1. Be Careful

Never try to climb on the roof or reach particularly high points without the right equipment. There’s a risk that you could fall and damage the structure. The best thing to do is book a conservatory care service with an expert vale to clean those hard to reach areas. If you live in Avon Lake, You could hire the handyman services in Avon Lake to help you with the conservatory care.

  1. Looking After the Glass

Clean the conservatory’s glass regularly, both on the inside and the outside. How often you will need to do it will depend on the conservatory’s orientation. If it is in a sunny, bright position, the rain water will evaporate quicker than if it is in a shady area. Shadier conservatories often get dirty quicker as the water and dirt stay on the glass longer.

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  1. Kinds of cleaning agents

Never use spirit-based thinners or cleaners, even on the most stubborn of stains. They might attack and damage the plastic parts of the conservatory. Also, stay well away from metallic abrasive pads and cloths that tend to damage plastics, seals and glass.

  1. Dealing with the Gutters

Always keep the gutters around the structure clear. This is important so as to ensure that there is free drainage. A build-up of leaves and debris can block the gutters and result in them overflowing. If you don’t manage the gutters correctly, the excess water might damage the structure and even your home. Make sure you look inside the gutters to ensure they are free-flowing and can do their job.

  1. Dealing with blockages

Never try to hook leaves or dirt out of the gutters with long implements while standing on the ground. Besides potentially hurting yourself, you could cause damage to your gutters as they’re not designed to carry weight. Rather, ensure you can reach and see right into the gutter to clear it out.


Ideally, you should book an in-depth and major conservatory care service at least every two or three years with an expert. This will help to ensure that all those hard to reach spots are cleaned and maintained.

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