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Home decor ideas: how to choose the best carpets and rugs

You have recently moved into a new place, and you have finally managed to arrange all your furniture and other valuables just the way you want.  And even if you don’t have the creative gene, like me, you would still like to see your home all pretty and giving off that warm and cozy feel!

So, what do you do when you can’t do it yourself?  You go out shopping to decorate your home with all the best home décor crafts that you can find out there. Now, in this era of online shopping and creative outbreak in the interior design segment, there are tons of options to choose from. The pool is so wide when it comes to picking items for revamping your home décor, that you might even get frustrated.

In order to save you from getting all confused when it comes to choosing home décor items, we are going to help you decorate your home!


Let’s Start with Carpets

Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet and the rest will fall in its place.”

Carpets always remind us of two things, Grandeur and Aladdin!  Because who wouldn’t want a magic carpet, right?

The reason why we prefer to start with carpets, is the majestic look that they bring to any room, whether it’s your living room or your office room. They manage to give off the magnificent vibe of splendor and grandeur.

Now, there are many options to choose from. Because nowadays there are different carpets  available for your different needs. Not only they can be customized according to your space, they also have lots of variety to go with the different interiors of your rooms, be it dining area or living room to your bedroom or your kitchen.

When you are picking a carpet for your home, remember these tips-



  • Match your interior or get a customized carpet


Nowadays there are online platforms which gives  you this amazing option of customizing your carpet according to your interior! This is something you can’t find at a retail store.

You can talk to their designer team about what kind of look you are looking for and they’ll help you through the entire process!


  • Consider various Carpet Styles

There are various styles of carpets to choose from. It includes Plush, Saxony, Berber, Textured and Frieze.

Plush carpets are soft and inviting though it also shows footprints and vacuum tracks. They are good for more formal living rooms and master bedrooms. Similarly, Saxony style of carpeting is quite similar to plush. Now when it comes to Berber carpeting, it is in contrast flat and dense. These are extremely durable and doesn’t show soil, stain or any kind of tracks.

And did you know that new Zealand’s wool is considered as the ideal wool for rugs and carpets. No? well, there you go. Check out this amazing carpet ‘Eco Couture’, made out of 100% New Zealand wool.

Moving on, the Berber carpeting can be used in the space which is frequented a lot and it will withstand the use.Then comes the Textured carpeting, in which the fibers are cut to different heights which causes it to reflect light. So, these too are good for high traffic areas of your home.

Last but not the least, there are friezes, which looks less formal than plush but fancier than some Berber or Textured ones. It’s better to go with these as they possess hybrid qualities. becauseit feels soft to walk on and it also hides the footprints and dirt as well.



  • Eco-Friendly Carpets


It’s very important to choose an environment friendly carpet, that is made of natural fibers like wool, jute and other organic materials. Because lots of factory manufactured carpets have all these chemicals that made up for bad quality indoor air leading to various health problems.

  • Choose your Carpet dealer carefully

When it comes to selecting your carpet dealer, you need to find a reputable establishment that specializes in carpets. You can also buy carpets online. There are online spaces that will provide you with a wide range of collection, including different styles, fiber options and colors. Also, you can get all sorts of important “must-know” information about carpets from their staff.


Here Comes the Rugs

In our modern world, rugs are the practical choice but what makes it everyone’s favorite, is that these rugs provide your floors with an artistic touch and adds perfectly to your interior design. Also, they come in various eccentric designs and patterns. So, whether it’s wooden floor or concrete,rugs can enhance the look with their wide variety of fun and colorful combinations.

Introducing Wall-Hangings

Because leaving your walls with a fresh coat of paint just isn’t enough anymore. When you have arranged all your knick-knacks around the house and are finally feeling satisfied with the arrangement of your furniture, you sit on your couch to relax. But every time you take a look around the house, you feel something missing.

Your empty walls scream in protest for being left all alone while you were on a home décor spree!

Blank walls make the room look incomplete. You need to add some color and vibrance to your walls so that it’ll do an over-all makeover of your design.

That can easily be done by using some very colorful wall-hangings. You can find the wall-hangings in different designs and styles online.

Coolest feature of these wall-hangings? You can have color customized in rhythm with your interior and wall paint color.

So, this summer, go and decorate your new home or revamp the old one with these home décor craft items starting from carpets filling your floors with grandeur, Rugs adding fashion and making a statement to wall-hangings giving a vibrant look to your wall. Happy Decorating!







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