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5 Things You Need To Have On Your Home Decor Wishlist In 2019

it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when moving. From packing all your stuff to loading your boxes, decorating is something you may have overlooked during the process. However, moving can be a much greater experience if you start upgrading your new dwelling place with a fantastic mix of home décor.


To make your decorating experience a seamless one, here are the five things you need to have on your home décor wishlist in 2019.


  1. Black and White Art Pieces

Transform your boring wall with something classy like a black and white art. Although the wood elements can provide warmth and depth to your new home, artworks like a piece of photography or a painted canvas can add sophistication to the entire space. If you have black and white art pieces in your old house, pack them up, and bring them with you. After all, you can use these home décor items to add an air of homey-ness to your new place.


Throw Pillows 

Another home accessories that you can have on your home décor wishlist this 2019 are throw pillows. These home décor, for instance, can bring a pop of color, softness, and luxury. The more you surround your living room with pillows, the more you can make it a refreshing place to live in. So, try to look for graphic or solid colored throw pillows to brighten up your surroundings. Also, technological innovations can allow you to customize your pillows, thereby making your home décor more intimate and personal.


  1. Wooden Furniture

For some people, the element of wood is something that should be incorporated in your home décor wishlist. In essence, a piece of wooden furniture can add a sense of life and warmth to your new home. Whether you have a table, shelves, or chairs, wood provides an extraordinary aesthetic appeal and finesse to your space. It can also turn the mood of your room by creating a welcoming vibe throughout the surroundings. 

If you think about moving your wooden stool from or to your NYC home, hiring a moving company New York City can be a wise option. They can move your stuff, including heavy pieces of furniture safely and smoothly.


  1. Mirrors

Mirrors can be a great decorative object you can have in your new home because of their ability to improve the look of a room. When they’re used as a design element, they provide you with the illusion of space, making it appear larger. By decorating with a strategically placed mirror, you can enhance the depth of your area as well as the light. Remember, a mirror has the ability to make your new home feel bigger, brighter, and more open. Thus, if you want to expand the visual access of your room, include the adding of mirrors in your home décor wishlist.


  1. Home Lighting

It’s also a vital decorative element you may want to consider when making home upgrades. Typically, lighting can be an essential home décor as it generates both illusion and reality. With Custom Lighting Installation fixtures, you’ll be able to illuminate your cherished possessions and emphasizes your favorite colors. More importantly, having the right fixtures in your new home can impact your mood and mental health daily.


Also, it’s important to note that light, being the source of light, can uplift your spirit and give you the energy you need. Without enough lighting fixtures, many homes can become gloomy, and you probably don’t want that to happen. So, if you have properly arranged artificial lighting, you can make your new home brighter. You can do it by installing  table lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, and many more.



There you have it. These are the top five things you need to include on your home décor wishlist this 2019. Ultimately, you’d want to relocate to a place which is both functional and habitable. Hence, decorating your new home becomes a must when moving. And if you’re going to move to metropolitan cities like New York City, then using moving NYC services can be an ideal option.


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