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personal styling tips for small rooms 

If I asked you how you want your dream home to be?

You would most likely respond by
Saying, “chic, spacious, big and beautiful!

This is undeniably the desire of most people. we all want to live in a big house where we can host our special events and have friends and family come over every once in a while.


A recent survey conducted by funiture village confirms that most people would prefer to have bigger spaces. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, almost half said that their home was too small and they’d appreciate more space.


Most of the respondents mentioned that their biggest concern with small spaces is the kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom, as well as storage spaces. Interestingly, one bedroom houston apartments are actually large, spacious and chic, if you live around there you might want to consider one of those.


personal styling tips for small rooms

If you think about it, small spaces can be a lot easier and more interesting to decorate as the limited area allows you to easily introduce your personality and style without losing the homey warmth. But, everyone has their worries, and some help is always welcome. That said, the following tips can make the chic transformation of your small apartment twice as exciting, fun and efficient.


Layout is everything 

In order to make the most out of the space you have regardless of what decorating style you prefer, you need to plan out the layout well. It would be best to have a clean slate to work with, no furniture or elements to distract you, but even if that’s not the case, a little bit of extra effort will allow you to analyze your space properly. Namely, it’s very important to visualize your organization depending on the layout and room’s measurements. Before you start with anything more serious, you need to be 95% sure where everything will go – especially the larger pieces. The other 5% will be reserved for small changes afterwards.


Colors to the rescue

When it comes to creating a chic small apartment, your choice of colors will be essential. The favorite small space décor rule is to always go with neutral colors. And you most definitely can if you want to. But, this is also the rule that’s worth breaking the most. Introducing bold contrasts is generally a good policy when the chic vibe is concerned and it has been a favorite among Australian millennials for a while now. You can achieve that by pairing bold colors and patterns of the furniture and accessories with the neutral shade of the walls, or you can play with accent walls and dark shades in that sense as well.

Play with the lights

Obviously, natural light will play a huge role in decorating your small apartment. After all, the more natural light there is, the bigger the space will appear visually. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of your artificial light – quite the contrary. For a chic apartment look, interesting light fixtures can definitely make the place stand out. As mentioned, this is nothing new for Australia’s chic population. Actually, adjusting the artificial lighting however you see fit is already a routine for a professional Sydney electrician. Don’t hesitate to let your creative and unique spirit show as lighting fixtures can really bring the whole look together in small apartments.

Fewer accessories, bigger furniture

In a small space, you want to avoid clutter. So, while accessorizing is definitely important, don’t go hoarding the trinkets that don’t contribute to the chic look of the place. Make sure that the decorative bits and pieces you do choose tell the story of who you are in a balanced and harmonious way. But, on the other hand, feel free to go with the regular-size furniture. Actually, you can even go bigger if you want. While you may want to be picky with how many pieces of furniture you actually need, you definitely want to go for a relatively large-scale look as these will act as a statement piece and make the whole space visually bigger.

A textured dream

Introducing different textures into your space is not only a very chic thing to do, but essential for adding depth and warmth to the space. This Scandi trend has taken the world by storm, and it’s been especially popular in Australia. Just like with accessories, you shouldn’t go overboard. But, a nice area rug (no wall-to-wall carpets for small spaces!), sofa throws, delicate curtains and decorative cushions can definitely do the trick. Pay attention to their shades and patterns! The color scheme mentioned before applies to this aspect of your chic apartment design, too.

Even though you may not have as much freedom as you may like with accessorizing, you have all the freedom to add every bit of your personality into the tiniest of detail in your chic apartment. The fact that you’re dealing with a small space only means that your personality will shine a lot brighter!


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