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Invest in your conservatory!

It is a versatile room, a space that can literally become anything. But it means investing in it with the best conservatory furniture. But what should you look for? And does it mean spending big money?

It is a sun-drenched room, the ideal place for so many activities. It is the room you have always wanted but now that you have it, you are unsure how to invest in it.
There are so many styles and trends of conservatory furniture that it can be hard to know what to choose and why. Take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the best furniture and accessories for the conservatory.

Choosing conservatory furniture

Conservatory furniture
Not quite the garden but somehow separate from the rest of the home, the garden room or conservatory is a space that many think is easy to furnish and accessorise. And yet, this very uniqueness can be problematic but there are ways of getting around this.
Essentially, it is about looking at three factors and deciding what solutions would be the best fit.

  1. The garden
    The conservatory is built usually looking out over the beautiful vista that is your garden. And this view informs the interior of your conservatory in many ways.
    How does your garden impact on the conservatory? Is it a formal garden or one that is based on traditional garden design? Is it an informal space, with the feel of a lush meadow?
    The garden aesthetic can be a great place to start honing your ideas for investing conservatory furniture, as is the age of your property with the style of the conservatory, but just because this doesn’t mean you can or can’t use a certain style. But it can help to form your ideas for your own needs and style.
  2. How will you use the space?
    Clearly, if you intend using the conservatory as a dining space, you need dining furniture but what style? For a more relaxed, living space, you know you want a sofa and relaxed seating such as armchairs but what style?
  • Formal setting – with a formal garden, traditionally styled conservatory furniture can create a sense of cohesion between the interior space and the garden.
  • Informal – there is a range of conservatory furniture that is perfect for creating a more relaxed, informal interior style, from day loungers to sumptuous rattan corner sofas.

Is the furniture suitable for a conservatory?Conservatory furniture

The garden impacts heavily on the conservatory space, as well as how you intend on using the interior space. But there is another factor you need to consider: the environment within the conservatory.
What separates a conservatory from other extensions is that predominance of glass, from whole expanses of several walls and the roof in many cases too. This creates a unique climate all of its own and unlike anything you will find in any other room.
The predominance of sun and heat are two factors that make a heady combination, with some materials being able to cope with the extremes in temperature better than others.
That is why the natural material rattan is a prime choice for the construction of conservatory furniture. A fast-growing plant in tropical countries, rattan is allowed to dry before it is weaved into a strong material, perfect for making all kinds of items from occasional tables to whole sofas for the conservatory. Be aware of cheap imitations as these are nowhere near as strong.
Alongside rattan, there are the soft furnishings materials to consider too. The sun is powerful but has a bleaching effect on colour and can, in some cases, weaken the fibres too. Frankly, if you invest in conservatory furniture, you want it to last and no looked sun-bleached within a matter of weeks.


The solution is to work with a reputable retailer of furniture made specifically for use in the conservatory. But don’t assume that the best comes with a price tag.
Quality pieces are the ones in which you will need to invest but, that said, they will last a long time in the heat of the conservatory. And, even better, they will complement the style of the garden whilst also seamlessly blending with the stylish interior of your home too.

Along with well-placed rugs, beautiful soft furnishings additions such as cushions and throws, your conservatory will be a space of sumptuous luxury. So, when will it be the right time for you to invest in your conservatory?

A conservatory is such a fantastic addition to a home that Rattan Direct can’t understand why we all don’t have one! Find out more about how to dress this versatile space by joining them on Twitter @RattanDirectLtd



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