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Tips to Decorating your kitchen for Christmas

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, now is really the time to start preparing for your holiday party. I love making sure my house looks festive and fun because it really is thehappiest time of the year to decorate  my home. Every year my family and I try to outdo ourselves in decorating our home that would catch our guests eyes. When  it comes to that time, you can have a lot of fun in putting up the holiday decorations. Sometimes we get a little carried away that we actually forget to think of our kitchen!

Your kitchen really need all the proper decorations because it’s the main essential part of your home where you welcome all yoru relatives and friends into your home. IT’s the haert of any house and the festive place for your friends, family and loved ones to gather. Make sure it’s got some great ideas to keep you and everyone in the holiday spirit. I have a few ideas that I put together that are easy, a few DIY and some that will just keep you laughing! You will love how simple and stunning your kitchen is when it comes together!

Decorating your kitchen

  1. Hot Chocolate Bar- Who can ever say no to a hot chocolate bar? My family and friends love when I have a coffee station but why not spruce it up for the kids and loved ones as well? I like to add some festive cups to the mix plus some fun toppings to add to your hot chocolate mix like whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate shavings and more! The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to add a fun candy cane stir for a festive look!

Decorating your kitchen

  1. Plants- If you aren’t’ super creative, why not purchase a few extra potted plants to add to your sink. I love to grab a few poinsettias to set around my sink plus wreaths! They come in so many sizes, colors and decor that you can put them anywhere. If you purchase real ones, they make your house smell amazing!

  1. Christmas Signs- I love to add a few pictures around the kitchen. Sometimes garage sales hold adorable old vintage photos or paintings to pick up that are really cheap. I found these adorable Santa photo that I love to hang up. This one is similar and really adds a fun festive look to the backsplash of your stove.

  1. Ornaments- I know they can be a little tricky to place so I think adding some small clear or glass vases will make a great centerpiece for either your island, counter or table! I even add a few that you could hang from your ceiling. It really makes a wow statement when you come into the kitchen!

  1. The Fridge- My kids had a great idea to not leave anything untouched in the kitchen as far as decorating is concerned and so why not make the fridge part of the decor as well! I grabbed some tape and we made a snowman! It’s super simple to do, doesn’t take much time and adds such a great touch!

  1. Cabinet Ribbon- I receive so many Christmas cards and instead of putting them all on my fridge to get jumbled or crammed together, I like to add a few of them with ribbon to my cabinets! It makes it so fun to look at each card while getting a few plates, pans or items for the holidays! Plus, how cozy does it make your kitchen seem with love all around your little space? If adding Christmas cards isn’t for you, feel free to just add some ribbon and bows to your cabinets!

  1. Garland- Of course adding garland and a few twinkly lights are essential to creating a festive mood for friends and family! I personally think you can never have enough and it adds just the right touch to any mantel, cabinet, or area in your kitchen. Decorate it with a few villages for a Santa neighborhood, or a few of your childhood favorite toys!

  2. Countertops – You have a blank canvas to keep your countertops fun and festive for the holiday season. To keep my countertops looking their best before company comes, my go to company is Premier Surfaces! They are located in the Atlanta, Chattanooga and Birmingham locations. They offer a variety of various countertops to choose from including wood, marble, limestone and more! You can never go wrong with gorgeous countertops from them and not just for your kitchen ( think outdoor kitchens or even updating your vanity in your bathroom! ) Whatever the question or concern, their friendly staff is always on hand to help too! With great results, decorating your home for kitchen is a breeze and everyone will not only notice your great decor, but how great your counter tops are too!

So tell me friends, how are you going to get your kitchen ready for Christmas this year

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