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Create Function And Beauty With Your Small Kitchen


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Even in the smallest of kitchens you can still be a master book. You just need a few clever design ideas to make your small kitchen stylish and practical.

While your kitchen may seem like the most common place to put your washing machine, in some countries, it’s more commonly found in the bathroom. If you’re stuck for kitchen space, it’s worth placing your laundry appliances in other areas of the house. If your bathroom is also tiny, what about in the cupboard right under the stairs, or stacking your dryer and washer on top of one another to save space?

  •  Go big with the sink

While your kitchen may not have enough space for the dishwasher, you could always make space for a double or farmhouse-style sink, so there’s somewhere to keep plates and prep kits without having to clutter the worksurfaces. See Franke taps you can get at Trading Depot to see various styles that would complement your kitchen’s design.

  • Make every possible corner a storage space

Find places where space is wasted, like gaps between any shelves and below the sink.

  • Get rid of the clutter

Consider getting rid of wall cabinets that take up too much space. Instead, consider open shelving that can have a big impact in a tiny kitchen while creating an airy, open feel. Just limit the number of shelves you will use and what you store in them.

Image Source: Unsplash

  • Keep things tidy

If you have too much clutter on your worktops, it’s time for some clever thinking, like rails where you can hang utensils, spice jars, mugs, and even wall-mounted magnetic knife strips. You should also keep your heavy kitchen equipment like your mortar and pestle locked away in your cupboard to allow for space and freedom of movement.


  • Keep the look simple

Nothing quite makes any room of the house seem bigger than it is than white walls. So, opt for a sleek and contemporary style that opens up the space. Think along the lines of reflective, light materials, frosted or glass cabinet doors and stainless-steel work stops finished off with white splashback tiles.

  • Portable storage

A kitchen trolley with casters is an excellent prep surface that you can tuck away when you don’t need it. It’s also additional storage for pots and pans. It could also serve as a trolley for food and drinks when you entertain guests.

  • Don’t waste space

Not every kitchen is going to have room, but if you really want a peninsula or island, consider a more slimline option that will still provide extra storage and a worktop.

  • Floor to ceiling cabinetry

When it comes to small kitchens, the trick is to think vertically. Take your cabinets all the way to the ceiling but be sure to plan carefully so that the room still feels as open and airy as possible. Aim to store the stuff you use the least in higher cupboards. If space allows, install a breakfast bar as it can also serve as a workspace and storage area. By doing so, you could make great use of the space and ensure your kitchen is a social hangout area in your home.


Use these 9 tips to really get the most out of your smaller kitchen.

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