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Taylor Swift can buy my house 893 times – what about yours?

When it comes to the celebrities we know and love, we’re all aware that they earn incredible amounts of money. It can, however, be difficult to put those figures into a real world context. Elton John has amassed a £300m fortune over his six decades in the music business, while England legend David Beckham boasts a net worth of over £350m – but how does that relate to the average person’s life?

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering that question, Just Mortgage Brokers have created the perfect tool for you – a handy calculator which works out how many houses your favorite stars could buy in the UK. With just a few clicks, you could find out just how many times Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – the world’s richest man, worth around £111bn – could buy your home!

Arguably the greatest boxer the world has seen since Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather is perhaps as well known for his obsession with cash as his in-ring prowess; frequently posing with huge piles of banknotes, it’s no wonder he enjoys the nickname ‘Money’! With his career now winding down, Mayweather might consider a move away from the lights and sounds of Las Vegas to a more humble home in the UK. It seems an unlikely step given his love of the high life, but if he plumped for an average house price of £371k in fashionable Shoreditch, his £425m fortune could stretch to a stunning 1,144 homes – and he’d still have money left over to make a grand entrance at one of the area’s trendy bars.

Rap legend Eminem had a famously deprived upbringing, but defied the odds to become one of the world’s richest recording artists, boasting an estimated net worth of £190m thanks to hit singles including My Name Is, Lose Yourself and Stan. The latter soared to number one in the charts with a guest appearance from UK pop star Dido, who comes from Kensington, the richest area in the country. Houses in Kensington cost over £1.4m on average – far beyond most people’s means – but even at that price Mr. Mathers could afford to buy 135 homes in the area, ensuring a perfect view of the Thames from whichever angle he preferred!

Firmly established as a national treasure, Stephen Fry has been making us laugh since the 1980s – and he’s been well remunerated for his troubles, amassing a £20m fortune. Fry was raised in the Norfolk village of Booton where the average house price stands at £294k – should he ever wish to revisit his roots (and reconnect with his beloved Norwich City) he could afford to buy 68 houses in the area. This does, however, come with a slight caveat – barely 200 people live in Booton, so he may quickly find he runs out of people to talk to!

Unlike the celebrities listed above, the average person the UK is being hit hard by sky-high house prices, with homes in London and the South East particularly prone – as of September 2018, the average London house price stands at an eye-watering £482,241. With this trend unlikely to change in the near future, it could prove increasingly difficult for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder – but even with these escalating prices, the biggest names in the world would have no problem buying up entire streets in the most affluent parts of the country; they truly do live in a different world!













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