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Residential Plumbers in Townsville Give Some Handy Tips

Small breakdowns can often be a big problem. And if you’re not a handyman, it can sometimes cost you a lot. The engagement of the repairman is the first thing that comes to your mind when something breaks; then you will be sure that the problem is solved.

But sometimes it may be a problem to hire a good repairman, to find someone with great recommendations and affordable prices, and someone who is available as soon as you need it. Also, keep in mind that urgent intervention cost much more than “the regular” one.

But have you thought about doing some minor repairs at home by yourself? In addition to saving, this can become some kind of a hobby. Men are mostly those who like to be involved around the house, but we can’t say that women show less interest than their stronger half.

Plumbing is not something that will entertain you, but it sure can be useful to know some things like how to unplug your toilet, or change the valve on your sink. If you have some spare time, and you notice a minor bug, with our advice, you can deal with it.

Let Your Tap Drip

When your faucet has been persistently leaking, many will suspect it’s damaged. In most cases, the valves need to be changed or tightened. To fix the tap without calling a repairman, check here. But, when it’s all fine, let it drip, especially during the cold days. In this way, you allow continuous flow of water through the pipes, and thus prevent the possibility of retaining solid matter or breaking pipes because of low temperatures.

A good, quality tap won’t leak, but you let it drip from time to time. Although it’s not a large amount of water, this will prevent some severe failures to happen. If you find this noise quite annoying, tighten your pipes at night or whenever you need some peace and quiet.

Use Water Filters

Water filters are useful for a variety of reasons. Except for turning technical water into the drinking water in a few seconds, in the long run, they can save pipes and sanitation from damaging. There are many impurities in the water, which we may not notice every time.

These are substances which give the “taste” to the water we use, and it’s not tasty at all; even worse, it can be harmful. Maybe we can’t affect the quality of the water that comes to us, but we can “improve” the one that leaves us through the drainage system, to protect it.

These impurities have been depositing in the pipes, valves, and other sanitary facilities. Water filters are pretty handy and cheap which will save your time and money.

Keep Your Pipes from Cracking

Sudden changes in temperature can also cause pipe cracking, therefore, switch on heating or air conditioning gradually. As a more durable solution, professional plumbers in Townsville are advising their customers to buy an insulating tape to completely wrap those pipes that are out of the wall. This way, you’ll get them “tucked in.”

In case you are planning to go on a longer trip, you should turn off the water in your house. Also, remove the taps and drain the valves and the boiler to avoid water retention in pipes. Water that remains in them can freeze during winter, or become a habitat of numerous bacteria during the summer. This may lead to creating disgusting sediments that will clog your pipes and make them leak.

Don’t Throw Everything in the Toilet

Many of us have the habit of throwing all kind of stuff into the toilet, thinking it will just go somewhere. Paper and cardboard can decompose, but things like plastic bags, sticking plaster, even hair can make a problem. These substances can make clots that will soon block the discharge of waste materials, which is the most frequent cause of unpleasant smell and return of wastewater to the toilet.

More things that can clog your toilet find on this page:


Being a handyman doesn’t mean to know all the secrets of a craft. But today, when you find everything on the Internet, people think they can fix whatever they want. In the end, the repairman is just one call away, to fix the thing you “fixed.”

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