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5 Best places to buy property in South Carolina

Everybody dreams of a beautiful home in the vicinity of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Isn’t the mere thought of such a house mesmerizing? Our motherland America, luckily, has plenty of such places where you can think of settling if you are bored with the daily tug between work and life. This article explores and brings to you the best regions in the state of South Carolina where you can enjoy your days peacefully all the time. Here are the best places in the state of South Carolina:


  1. Sullivan’s Island

This island town is situated in Charleston County and is considered as the gateway of the Charleston Harbour.  The island was settled in the 27th century and has served a key role in the defense of the united states.


The rich historical heritage of this region along with natural beaches and quiet shoreline makes this island one of the most popular sites for the real estate investors and individuals.


  1. Pawleys Island

Home to just a little more than a hundred people, this island is the most silent place in all of South Carolina. The rich historical experience makes this place one of the most desired tourist spots for history lovers.


The island has a zoo that has a number of unique native fauna available for study by the nature lovers. The place is popular amongst the nearby locals for its beaches and sand dunes. 


  1. Lake Keowee, Salem

For nature lovers who wish to mingle with nature but do not want to drop modern facilities, Lake Keowee, Salem in South Carolina could be ideal. Sitting by the lake in the evening can soothe your soul.


The Lake Keowee was formed in the twentieth century when Duke Power Company built a dam on the Keowee River, submerging the Keowee City. You can buy homes on Lake Keowee to enjoy a divine dome of nature surrounding you. You can go fishing by the lake on weekends, you can even go boating or diving in parts of the lake.


  1. Isle Of Palms

If you are looking for a place where you can experience the rare flora and fauna, then Isle of Palms is the place you should look for. The rarest of the turtle species nest here on the beautiful beaches of this island town.


The most amazing part of this beach town is that it has condos on the shoreline. Imagine yourself, sipping in a freshly brewed coffee in the evening on your porch while you hear the tides hitting the beaches.


  1. Folly Beach

It is an ideal location for purchasing a property if you are looking for a second home or to a place for timeshare. Also referred to as “The Edge Of America”, this beach town located to the south of Charleston is home to just over a few thousand people. 


All of these places have something to offer that the other does not. Except, all of these cities are peaceful and away from the wall street effect.

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