What to wear when attending a ball

Dressing for important social events involves sticking to protocols, and perhaps the ball is one of the most formal events you will ever be invited to attend. It might be a charity ball, or a masquerade event, which is becoming very popular, but whatever the circumstances, you should choose floor-length ballgown, which is a fitting style for such a formal event.


The Ball – Formal Dancing Event

It is important to understand that a ball is, in fact, a dancing occasion, which came to surface when high society ladies are to be introduced to the social circle. The debutante Ball was always a nervous time for any young lady who is being presented for the very first time, and one thing you should take the time to find out is whether or not there will be any dancing. For formal events such as this, check out the stocks at who represent famous designers like Jovani, Sheri Hill and Tiffany, to name but a few.


Check the Invitation

This will give you essential information about the correct attire, and if you have friends who happen to be attending the same event, you could always ask for confirmation that you are on the right track. When in doubt, stick to the formal look and you can’t really go wrong. The font and elaborate way the text is presented can make it difficult to decipher the words, yet, somewhere in that invitation are a few words that will tell you the dress code. It might be a black-tie event, in which case a full length ballgown is appropriate, and if you are looking to acquire a formal ballgown, check out the online boutiques that specialise in prom and wedding events, and if you are lucky, you might be offered a discount on that last remaining item.


Black is a Safe Bet

A sheer black ballgown is about as formal as you can get, and with matching gloves and minimal jewellery, the look is complete. An up hairdo would be recommended, with statement earrings and the presence of diamonds will never go amiss. A black-tie event does not mean you have to wear a black gown, in fact, if you are a debutante, you would be expected to wear white, but that would be stipulated on the invitation. There are some great images under the title, what to wear to a ball, which gives you a few ideas.


The Best Fitting

If, for example, you acquire a designer dress from an online boutique, unless you are incredibly lucky, a seamstress will have to make some minor alterations, to make sure the dress is a perfect fit. Even if you think it is perfect, there is always something the seamstress can do to improve the fit, and make sure that you allow enough time for this, and you will be very glad that you took the time to have the dress adjusted slightly.


Once you have chosen your outfit, you can begin to focus on jewellery, hair and other accessories, and with the right preparation, you will look your very best for this important social occasion.


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