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Floor Options: Why Comfort Is Important

choosing the flooring for a new home can seem quite a daunting prospect, what with so many options, with screed, concrete, solid timber and composites, all offering excellent flooring. While aesthetics are important, you do want a level of comfort with what is underfoot, which also brings with it a kind of warmth, and in this article, we will look at flooring options that offer a high level of comfort.


  • Cork Flooring – The ultimate for softness and insulation, a cork floor is about as good as it gets. The cork is harvested from a sustainable source, where the trees are worked on every 9 years, which is great if you are eco-friendly. The cork contains no unnatural substances and is therefore, very environmentally friendly, and once sealed, you have the ideal floor. There is a wide range of colours and finishes, ensuring that you will find something that fits right into your room plan. Cork flooring is very popular in Australia, due to the hot climate, plus it is very durable and with an effective seal applied right after installation, cork is easy to maintain and keep clean.


  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring – The latest generation of luxury vinyl tiles are cork-backed, for added softness and silent walking, and if you love the look and feel of solid timber, but have a limited budget, vinyl is the perfect solution. Extremely tough, waterproof and comes in a range of stunning wood, stone and slate finishes, vinyl can be installed on any substrate. Luxury vinyl usually comes in tiled form, which makes for an easy installation, plus the finish is exactly like the real thing, thanks to a hi-res digital image that is applied just under the protective membrane.


  • Solid Timber Flooring – The ultimate in elegant flooring, solid timber is certainly not cheap, but you have a floor that will stand the test of time, and with a little TLC, it will always retain that timeless look. If you are looking for timber flooring Melbourne homes prefer, there is a specialist firm that offers the very best timber flooring, installed by tradesmen and guaranteed for 25 years.


  • Engineered Timber – This involves several layers that are criss-crossed for added tensile strength, with a real timber top layer, the composite is in the centre, and a cork backing attached to the bottom. Engineered wood gives you the look and feel of solid timber, but at a much-reduced price, plus it is lighter and easier to install. If you would like to explore the potential that engineered timber offers, search online with Google to locate a nearby flooring contractor, who would be happy to pay you a home visit and quote for any design.


When looking at residential flooring, comfort is a very important factor, and all of the above offer comfort, along with style and durability. If you can afford it, a solid timber floor will last you a lifetime and can be re-sanded and sealed every 4-5 years. Once your floors are complete, you can begin to think about the walls and other features, which will leave your home looking like a show house.

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