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Top Places to Stay, Eat, and Visit in Yulara

Yulara is considered by many as being the ‘gateway’ to Uluru, and that’s because it’s the closest town or settlement, with a good selection of places to stay and eat. But were you also aware that there’s plenty of things to do at Yulara itself? We’re listing some of our favorite attractions to visit and things to do in Yulara, when you next make your trip to the Red Center.

Where to Stay

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Yulara offers a vast range of accommodation, from budget camping right through to 5-star luxury. Having said that, camping is often the preference for visitors who have ventured all the way into the Northern Territory, particularly if traveling with their own vehicle. It’s worthwhile to sleep under the twinkle of the night sky, with the famous Southern Cross constellation visible overhead.

You can camp at the Ayers Rock campground, for example, for around $35 per night unpowered or $45 powered site. There are some other campsites in and around Yulara too, and many people want to wake up with impressive views of Uluru. On the other end of the scale for Yulara accommodation, there are some hotels which will set you back around $300 per night minimum – although in high season will cost a lot more.

Where to Eat

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Yulara has some decent places to eat. Considering you’re in the middle of a desert, that’s really not bad at all! One of the most popular options is the ‘Sounds of Silence’ dinner, although this doesn’t come cheap. For a night out dining under the stars, it will set you back around $160, and you also need to book 3-4 days in advance, even during low season.

A coach will pick you up and take you to watch the sunset over Uluru or Kata Tjuta whilst you’re served a glass of champagne. After that, you’ll be served a buffet-style dinner in an elegant dining area that is lit by torches and lamps. Between the main course and dessert, an astronomer will give instruction about the visible night sky. We definitely think this is a dining experience not to be missed.

Where to Go

There is no doubt that the main attraction in Yulara is visiting Uluru. This famed monolith is etched in the imagination of almost everyone who first thinks of the word ‘Australia’. But we think it’s more about how you go about visiting the rock than simply getting Uluru. For example, you can choose to fly over in either a light aircraft or a helicopter. You can also get there by a camel tour. If you’re feeling really adventurous, then why not skydive over Uluru? Undoubtedly, seeing the rock hurtling towards you must be an incredible experience!

There’s also the Mala Walk trail which takes you on a 1-kilometre trail around the base of Uluru. It is a free, ranger-guided walk that starts every day at 8am from October through April and at 10am from May through to September, leaving from the car park. Along the way, there are several information panels that tell the story of Uluru, including details about the animal and plant life that inhabit the area, as well as Aboriginal history.

Take a Trip to Yulara

As well as the main attraction of Uluru, which we admit is the major pull, there are other things to do in and around Yulara. Mainly, we think any visit to the Red Centre is worth it just to see the sun rise and set over the desert each day, take in some of the wildlife, and experience some true Aussie way of life.


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