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Six Tips On How To Explore Madrid Like A Local

Are you looking for ideas on how to travel to Spain’s capital and enjoy every bit of your stay like a local? Well, it should not be such a hustle as it is relatively easy to have fun in Madrid, as long as you make use of a few tips.


Madrid is the best place to experience some crazy and leisure activities. Here are the six tips which will help you explore Madrid like a real local.


1.    Watch soccerMadrid

 Madrilenians love their soccer and if you are also a fan, then you will have some good time watching it with the locals as if you are one of them. Real Madrid FC is one of the world’s renowned football clubs, and what would be more exciting than watching it play right at its home? Join the locals at the famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium to support the team. You can also visit its trophy room.


2.    Spanish cuisine

 You cannot boast of touring Madrid until you have had a taste of their delicious traditional dishes. One of the most common recipes you do not want to miss is cocido madrilèno. It is the most popular dish during winter, although it is consumed all year through. It is a stew with chickpeas as the main ingredients, combined with meat and vegetables.


3.    Visit El Rastro


 This is Madrid’s largest and oldest flea market. Grab yourself a treasure or a souvenir for a loved one at a relatively cheap price. You will find close to anything in this market on Sundays when thousands of stalls are opened, and if you can haggle a bit there are a lot of attractive deals and discounts just waiting for you to take advantage of them.


The products here range from second-hand clothes to jewels and curio. Since the place can get messier in the afternoon when every dealer is shouting to attract customers and everyone else is moving up and down trying to shop, it is wise to go early in the morning and shop when it is less crowded.


4.    Get some nice drinkExplore Madrid

 The locals love passing time with some nice drink or wine and you may as well join them and have a taste. Whether it is daytime or night, there will always be an open bar or restaurant to serve you with the drink of your choice.


5.    Enjoy the best view of MadridMadrid

 Madrid is a magnificent city and its view from atop Circulo de Bellas Artes is no doubt the best. From this point, you will be able to view and admire the beauty of the entire city, its famous monuments, and avenues. It is also an ideal place to watch the sunset as you sip some wine or whichever drink you prefer.


6.    Take a nap after lunch

 Spaniards love taking a nap after lunch and hey, if you want to fit in as a local, take an hour or two for a siesta. Wherever you choose to nap is no big deal, and no one will come questioning you as it is a common thing among the locals, especially when the weather is hot.


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