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A Complete Guide to Dining Room Styles

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When designing your living space, the functionality should always be a priority, especially when talking about the dining room/area. We all want to enjoy a comfortable dining experience and there are many design styles that afford comfort and style, especially when looking at antique furniture, and with that in mind, you can check out websites like https://www.tommarshfurniture.co.uk/ who offer some great dining area design ideas to give you some much-needed inspiration when planning the perfect dining ambiance.


The Formal Dining Room

This style is still popular, with elegant furniture that matches well and a signature rectangular dining table with high backed chairs that are intricately carved. Darker timbers are the order of the day with a formal setting, perhaps walnut or mahogany, and with online antique dealers who have vintage chairs for sale, you can find a perfect match for that formal dining table.


The Traditional Family Style

A round table is the preferred design as this promotes dinner conversation and is more in keeping with a warm family dining experience. Less lines are more curves makes for an informal ambience, and the ideal feature is a full-length bookcase or display cabinets that is filled with ornaments and family photographs. Vintage furniture is often preferred over antique items and well-worn items are in vogue, with both dark and light wood acceptable for the traditional family dining room. 


The Cottage Style Dining Room

Very often combined with the country kitchen, the cottage style is very homely, with pine being a very popular timber and it is fine to have dining chairs that do not match with the table. Comfort is a priority with the cottage style, with whites and creams used heavily to create a feeling of homeliness. A large pine cabinet can be placed along the back wall, to provide the essential storage space that every busy kitchen demands, along with mixing and matching items.


The Beach Style

Open plan is the key design for this casual, laid-back style of dining room, with large Renewal by Andersen picture windows and plenty of natural light. The trend here is for seasoned pine, which could be painted white or varnished, whichever you prefer, with a helping of bright colours like whites, blues, and lilacs to give the area a friendly and warm feel. Nautical accessories work in such an environment, with sea shells and buoys commonplace in a coastal style dining area, while sticking to mainly light primary colours.


The Rustic Dining Look

Nature is the predominant influence for a rustic dining room, with prominent wood grain in pine and a healthy splash of shades of green that come with dried grass and indoor plants. Artwork and accessories should all have a natural theme, using only colours that are to be found in natural environments, giving the room a distinct outdoor feel.


Whatever design to decide upon, sourcing the right furniture is easy if you enlist the help of your local antique dealer, who can source specific vintage or antique pieces that will combine to form the ideal dining area. The right accessories finish the look and if it feels right, that’s all that matters.




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  • Tomoko

    We have a formal dining room but we never use it. We eat together at the kitchen table every night.. I don’t really care for formal dining rooms but it is what it is

  • Mimi Green

    I recently fell in love with a dining table that I want. It falls in the formal description but I don’t want a formal style dining room. I want a mixture of formal and casual style. Right now the only thing I have in my dining room is a massive wall clock. I am excited about bringing it all together.

  • Elle

    I love the natural elements in a rustic style. I also think dining rooms should be comfortable and family-friendly. Thanks for sharing so many different styles.

  • Tiffany Haywood

    This is awesome! My dining room is the one room I still want to revamp a bit. Right now I have a table and some random pieces but I really want a cohesive theme and look. I’m thinking a mix of rustic and country.

  • Tiffany Heard

    All of the pictures didn’t download for me. ButI currently have a round table in my dining area. I do think its important to sit down as a family for dinner. I think I would enjoy the beach style as I love elements of the beach. Sand, ocean, and sunshine.

  • Nadalie Bardo

    Your post gives me all the feels and really makes me wish I could hurry up and re-do my dining area. Really wanting a gorgeous dining table that has a rustic and beach vibe. Thanks for the inspo!

  • Eva

    I love the beach style dining room and an open floor plan. I need a booth in my kitchen – for real. I want one with a big window and lots of sunlight.

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