Tips on How to start a blog today!

If you dived into the new year with a resolution to start your own blog, that’s great!

I’ll be sharing a few tips on “how to start a blog today “just  to help you get started the right way.

As complicated as it may seem, starting a blog is pretty simple, you could get one up and running within an hour or two, at little or no cost.

Things you’ll need
1. Niche



So here’s how to start a blog!

First off ! you need to decide on what exactly you want to blog about. It really wouldn’t be nice to spend all the time, money and effort to set up a blog with no idea of what you would want to share with your readers. So before anything else, get a niche. Choose a niche in which you can establish yourself as an authority, make sure it’s a niche you can sustain, one you can easily create relevant content on.Start a blog today

Once you have decided on what exactly you want to use your blog space for, next thing you need to do is choose a blogging platform.

Some of the most popular platforms include, WordPress, blogger, squarespace, Joomla and wix. These are all blogging platforms that you can use.

I use WordPress so I would recommend you do the same. I started on blogger, read about some of my experiences in this post here. It’s great for beginners, because it doesn’t cost much. Blogger is basically free, but it has a couple of limitations.

Then you need to buy a domain . A domain is simply a Web address, It looks like this www.christianaacha.com
Decide on what you want your Web address to look like, it could be your name or the name of your business. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s simple and easy to remember. A domain may be the only thing you would spend money on when you decide to start a blog. It goes for about $11 or so, depending on where you’re buying from. I bought from godaddy but I have switched to namecheap, basically because namecheap has one of the best customer care service and I find that really attractive, so I made the switch.

Pick a blog name. A blog name should be the same as your domain for easy access by your readers.
It will be visible right on the header of your blog for all to see. How to start a blog in 2019

buy a hosting plan. If you decide to start on the “blogger platform” then Google will be providing you with a free host. On the other hand If you choose to get a WordPress blog then you’ll need to buy A hosting plan. A
host, is a company that stores all of the files for your blog and delivers them to the user when they type in your blog name.
Some good blog host are

Site ground

Get a theme. the appearance of your blog is as important as anything else. A theme is the design of your blog, it’s pretty easy to get one, You can buy a premium theme online, you can also choose to download a free one from the Internet.
I designed my blog myself and so can you, it’s pretty simple, but you could get a professional here to do it for you, if you’re too scared to try.

Start creating content.
Now you are ready to expand. Endeavor to create relevant, evergreen content which you can publish on your blog.

Promote your blog. One mistake most bloggers make is, forgetting to promote the content they have created and published. Always endeavor to share your posts on social media, through email marketing and other forms of advertising. Create awareness about your business.

there you have it, in my next post on this category I’ll be sharing tips on how you can start a blog on zero budget its pros and cons.

Stay tuned!
If you have any questions on this topic please use the comment section, if it’s a contribution, please don’t hesitate either..


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    Hi Christiana,

    Thanks for sharing the tips on becoming a blogger.

    I would like to become a lifestyle blogger ( I am a mother, student, Forever Business Owner, I love outdoor life, cool clothes, and food), and can you please assist me in creating the Blog Theme just like you have produced such a nice one.

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