5 blogging tips for beginners

It seems like every time someone sneezes, a new blog is born. Doesn’t it?
Unfortunately, some of the owners or creators of these blogs don’t seem to have the slightest idea what they are going into, so their blogs die off in no time.

So here are a few things you need to know before undertaking a career in blogging.
First of all, Running a blog is hard, it’s as hard as running any other business, it’s time consuming, life- draining, money-demanding and exhausting.

After blogging for a while, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience, there are so many things I have been disillusioned about and a couple of things I have been encouraged and propelled by. Before you start a blog here are a few things you need to know

Blogging tips for beginners Blogging tips for beginners

1 . YOU’LL BE CONSTANTLY ONLINE: i really don’t know how to title this but, I think it’s clear already. As a blogger you can’t really afford to run out of data supply, (if you live in Africa you’ll understand) you’ll have to be online all the time, needless to say,
Telecommunications people will make a lot of money from you.
There are days when I genuinely just want to go offline and stay away from social media, and just concentrate on interacting with people in the real world, but at such times I am reminded that if I don’t want cobwebs and roaches to take over this space I need to be online to keep pruning and updating, regardless of how I feel.

2. TRAFFIC : nobody is going to tell you that buying a website, creating an awesome blog post and clicking publish will not automatically Bring readers. Hell no!!! after all that hard work you are still going to lure people to read your content, you’ll become a social media junkie who needs to be on almost every platform, and you’re going to keep your ears down for the latest. After publishing a post you’ll have to share on every social media platform and keep sharing, you will advertise aggressively too, just to get people to read your post. what do you expect when there are a million other blogs out there.

3. WRITERS BLOCK : if you’re not a gossip, news or entertainment blogger, there will be days when you will have no idea what to write about. Your supply of blog topics will literally run dry and you will start looking around for the slightest inspiration from everyone and everything. On days like that you will feel like giving up but if you started out for the right reasons, you won’t get deterred.

4. TIME : creating a blog post takes time, running a blog will take a considerable amount of your time, in fact if you are not very careful you could spend the whole day creating just one post. For me it’s my nights that suffer, I spend countless hours at night trying to create relevant content for my blog. I get bulgy eyed and really sleepy but I keep going, i signed up for it.

5. MONEY DOESN’T COME QUICKLY : if your sole objective of starting a blog is to make money, please begin to consider other options because it doesn’t come easy and you’ll probably end up like one of those bloggers who start up with fervency and in no time their blogs die off because they got disappointed. They can’t understand how Linda ikeji does it, well they forgot to ask Linda ikeji and sisi yemie how long it took before they started smiling to the bank.
Making money through blogging is a reality but it takes patience and time.

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So there you have it, this list is in no way exhaustive. The important thing is, blogging is really rewarding whether it brings financial reward or not, for those of us who are passionate about it it gives us a sense of purpose. So, dear intending blogger start a blog for the right reasons, Bearing in mind that it’s not easy to run a blog, and as long as you know what it takes and are willing to give it, you’ll be fine.

Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.

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  • Sbongile

    Hi Christiana,

    Thank you for sharing the tips, I have no idea blogging can pay, all I wanted is to share my life moments with the world and probably get to meet people who share the same love and interests for life.

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