What do the Best Guest Blogging Outreach Emails have in common?   

A guest blogger is a contributing writer for another blog, which belongs to another blogger. Usually, a guest blogger writes a blog post in line with the blog owner’s genre. A guest post is written for the blogger to reach a higher number of audience and also to get more visibility for the blog. It’s a very great profession that is interesting a lot of individuals from different walks of life. All new businesses are going online & looking at revving up their content for reasons like customer engagement. You could be a part-time worker or a student bothered by loaded up with assignments, the joy of writing interests everyone.

A blogger is approached by an email if a guest post has to be written, the email needs to be simple yet catchy for the blogger to accept guest posts. Here are some common templates some bloggers follow when they write an email:


  1. Catchy Subject Line

A subject line will help one to understand the body of the email, one decides whether to open the email or no based on the subject. It should draw the blogger’s attention; the blogger should know if there is any benefit out of the email. Keep it short and build curiosity, be on the point of what is being delivered in the email. Look for intriguing subject lines on the internet or on Newspaper or Magazine headlines.


2.    Personal Touch

If you have decided to write a guest post for a blogger, you must have been following them for a while now. So, when you address them in the email; use their name in the Salutation. When someone is addressed by a name, they feel pleased to read the email further. Do not use “Hello Sir/Madam” or “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To whomsoever, it may concern”. This surely looks like a spam or a mass email sent to multiple contacts.


3.    The body of the email to be short and crisp

A blogger receives hundreds of emails every day, they will not have time to respond to every email. If the body of the email is long and not specific, they will not show interest in reading or responding. Keep the content as short as possible and specific on what you are expecting from them. Be clear on how many guest posts you would want to contribute if it is every month or just once. This will help them to respond to your email and you will receive a response faster. When they know that your goals are clear, they will be happy to work with you as it creates a good impression.

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4.    Mutual Benefits

When there is no cost spent by both the parties, the blogger expects some form of benefit from you when you write a guest post for them. Be clear in mentioning the benefits you offer:

  • It can be about an interesting topic you have chosen to write which is hardly available on the internet.
  • It can be the statistics of the amount of traffic that was pulled from your earlier guest blog posts.
  • It can be your unique strategies on sharing their blog on your social media accounts.
  • It can be the number of followers you have on social media.
  • It can be the number of influences who follow you.
  • It can be region specific followers if the blogger’s target audience is specific to one region.


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5.    Research

You should have done an extensive research about the blogger to talk about their achievements in the email. Any of their successful blog posts or their talk in any event, mention about it in the email. You could also mention your favourite blog posts that they have written and how it has helped you in shaping up your blog. Any positive impacts that you have experienced or heard of can be mentioned too.


6.    Build trust

If there are any glitches in their website or any problem encountered, do mention it in the email with the solution. This will help them build trust with you, this does not mean you will have to point out every small issue. Look out for anything that is very evident and is not very pleasing in the blog. If there is only problem listed, they may feel that you are only picking on them. It is important that you find a possible solution too for the problem. If you do not find a solution, it is better not to mention the problem too.  


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7.    Signature

As you sign off in the email, make sure to mention your blog and all your social networking site links. If they have to check your social networking sites to examine the followers and read your profile, this will be the easier way to do so. Even if you have mentioned in the content, provide the details again together in the signature. This will help them to look for all the details related to your blog at one go.

Also, do mention your contact details. This will be helpful if the blogger chooses to contact you directly.

8.    Follow Up Email

There may be amiss in reading your email or it may have been accidentally moved to a different folder. Whatever the reason may be if you do not receive a response for your email; do not hesitate to follow up. Try to enhance the subject line, as mentioned earlier look for catchy subject lines on the internet or newspaper headlines. Write two lines in the body of the email mentioning it is a follow-up email, highlight the points that you want the blogger to read.


It’s a continuous process that improves with practice. However, the above points will be helpful in getting the full impact from your blogging efforts.


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  • Noble Cyril Amaugo

    Hi Christiana,

    This is such an amazing piece. Everything here agrees with what I have been teaching people about guest posting.

    Having some courtesy and respect when sending an email to pitch a guest post works every time.

    Nice piece right here!

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