Why Insuring Your Engagement Ring Is so important

They always say you should prepare for the worst. This doesn’t mean it will happen but it does mean you’re a step ahead if anything does go wrong.

In life, we never know what’s going to happen. Even something we hold so dearly and take such good care of can get lost, damaged or even stolen. An engagement ring is one of those things you definitely don’t want to say ‘I wish I would have got it insured’.

If you are still waiting for that perfect ring to come along, you can find reliable jewellers in Sydney CBD like AE Design Jewellery. They are an established retailer and is a beautiful diamond ring store with a solid reputation. So, if you still need a ring that’s worth insuring, we are sure you’ll discover one there.

Otherwise, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why insuring your engagement ring isn’t only important but why it’s a must.

Sentimental value is worth more than moneyInsuring your engagement ring

The love that the ring represents is worth just as much if not more than its monetary value. By getting insurance for your ring you are therefore also protecting something with strong emotional value.

Doing so is actually not that difficult and it may even come under your renter or homeowner’s insurance policy. It’s worth looking into and depending on the amount, your engagement ring could be covered.

If not, it’s good to seek out a company that insures expensive jewellery items specifically. These companies will more likely than not have more comprehensive plans that cover a range of rings of all different values.

Peace of mind

There’s nothing quite like constant worry. Getting insurance for something valuable like an engagement ring will enable your loved one to wear it with confidence and pride. They will no longer have to worry about whether it gets lost or damaged. The price of insurance will be cheap compared to peace of mind for several years.

Finally, it’s not even hard!

You’ll be surprised to discover that there are plenty of options out there that make the whole process seamless. Whether you go to an insurance broker or company, they can arrange insurance and straightforward cover with barely any exclusions and no excess.

It’s important to remember to get a grading report whenever you purchase a diamond engagement ring however. This is invaluable as if your ring is ever lost and there is no appraisal, then the ring’s worth may never be discovered. This is why it’s really important to get this even before you start shopping around for good insurance policies to cover the ring.

So, to wrap things up, getting insurance is a great idea and completely necessary if you are buying a valuable item such as a diamond engagement ring. It’s great for peace of mind and to ensure you are covered just encase anything happens.

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