How to Stay Safe While Dating Online

Hey fam 

How are you coping with the lockdown? 


A lot of people are finding it difficult to adjust to the changes and challenges that COVID-19 has brought into our lives. It has not been easy adjusting to this new way of working, living and loving. 


let’s talk about relationships!!


How do you date or even find love during a pandemic? 


Currently the UK has gone into another round of lockdown because of the new COVID-19 variant, which is said to spread faster! 


 The question is, how do we go on living and loving despite all of these setbacks and inconveniences?


According to statistics, most people are now turning to dating apps to find love. The Strathclyde dating website is one place that people are actively interacting and socialising on, in order to find love. 


This is not bad because the world is becoming more digital everyday, and the earlier we start embracing this new reality as the norm, the better.


Dating online requires some level of caution, it is important to take some safety measures when you are interacting with people who you may not have come in contact with in person, ever! Here are a few ways to stay safe while dating online



 Don’t give out too much information about yourself!

While dating online be security conscious, there are some information that you might be required to give before you can sign up on most of these dating platforms, try to stick with just that. It takes time to know and trust people so focus your energy on getting to know the people you are interacting with, their values, likes, dislikes and general disposition towards life, rather that spill out details about where you live or work. This is one sure way to stay safe while dating online. 



Always verify 

The online world has made it easy for people to hide behind their keypads and type anything they like, and most times the things they say, the information they give, are lies! This is why you must be careful while dating online, don’t take everything you see or hear hook, line and sinker, always endeavor to verify every information that you are given. You can do this by looking them up on other social media platforms to make sure their information checks out, check their friends profile and see if they are what they claim to be in real life. 


Don’t date in secret 

One of the best ways to stay safe while dating online is to let your friends and family members know about it, don’t keep it a secret. A secret relationship is unhealthy and risky. A lot of people have gotten into toxic and dangerous relationships because they didn’t seek good advice when they were starting.

This is also good for situations where you are unsure about the person, talk to a trusted friend about it, they are more likely to give you genuine and objective advice about how to go about it and what to do.



Block Suspicious users and accounts 

Tons of people come on dating apps to catfish innocent people, don’t fall victim. If you feel suspicious about anyone, trust your hunch and block them immediately. If a person starts acting inappropriately towards you or starts making snag comments, don’t hesitate to report and block such accounts.

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