5 Achievable Health Goals for 2020

We all know that setting goals is a great way to develop as they provide the motivation you need to suck it up and grit your teeth. So, if you are less than happy with your overall health and fitness, here are a few realistic targets that you can set to help you improve your physical health.

  1. Create a balanced diet and stick to it – If we are honest with ourselves, there are always some aspects of our diet that we know are bad for our health, and it isn’t too late to do something about that in 2020. Check out St Catharines natural online health food store, where you can buy a wide range of health products, including daily supplements and organic dried produce. You do need a level of self-discipline to cut out the harmful aspects of your diet, as these are usually the things we like, yet your health is the most important aspect of your life.
  2. Setting a Weight-Loss Target – If you’re overweight, then calculate a weight that you would like to be within a specific frame of time, and be realistic with your goal-setting. This can only be achieved with a suitable exercise regime and a balanced diet, and once you have set your target, you must remain focused and check your progress daily. Some people like to stick reminders around the home, which is one way to ensure that you don’t fall short.
  3. Everything in Moderation – If you make a decision that moderation is the path to take, this will help you to stay healthy. Of course, if you smoke, quitting should be one of your goals. Alcohol consumption should be closely monitored, thus avoiding drinking to excess. A glass of wine with your evening meal is a good idea, as this will be beneficial to your overall health. Also, there is a guideline regarding the number of alcohol units you can drink per day, which you should check out as it is an enlightening read.
  4. Muscle Building & Toning – If you feel you could do with muscle building, this can be done in a few months if you have the right exercise and workout routine, while eating healthy foods in adequate amounts. If you have a local gym nearby, visit at least 3 times per week and if possible, buddy up with someone as you can both motivate each other when the muscle burning begins. 
  5. Take Up Yoga – The eastern practice of yoga offers many benefits, as it combines physical, mental and spiritual development, and whether you are a housewife or a sports player, yoga will bring benefits to your life. All you need is a yoga mat, the right clothing and you can follow YouTube videos that demonstrate yoga for beginners.


It is important to set goals that are realistic and never lose sight of your targets, and many people reward themselves after achieving a goal, which might work for you.

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