5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out What Type of Person You Are

No two people are exactly the same, and that’s what makes us all unique! That being said, psychologists say that no matter who you are, you fit into one of the five general personality types: conscientious, extroverted, agreeable, open and neurotic. 


Conscientious people are typically very organized, punctual and have perfectionist tendencies. This makes them more likely to independent, self-sufficient and stubborn. They like routine and tend to have a plan for everything. They’re not too keen on changes and like to be in control of most situations.



Extroverted people love social interaction and are very outgoing by nature. They enjoy being the centre of attention and can generally excel in almost any social situation, whether they know the person or not. They might be loud, confident and self-assured, and they can be quite dominating, especially at work where leadership is required. 



People who are agreeable are generally associated with being kind and altruistic. They’re more likely to follow rather than lead and usually have a reputation for being affectionate and trusting. An agreeable person will try and see the good in everyone and probably volunteers at a homeless shelter or regularly donates money to build a water pump off their own back.




The curious among us fall into the open personality type. In contrast to conscientious people, open personalities work better when there is no specific routine to follow as they like to be spontaneous. They might come across as unfocused, but open people generally like living in the moment and are open to trying anything once. 



The final personality type is neuroticism. Often seen by others as emotionally unstable and insecure, neurotic people feel emotions on a more intense level and are much more reactive to them. Whilst they’re likely to be excitable and happy, they’re also more prone to irritability and anxiety. 




Most people will be able to identify which of these categories they are most likely to fit into, but if you’re struggling, here are five questions you can ask yourself which might help you on your way to figuring out who you are. 


  1. What Makes You Happy?

If the idea of settling down and having a stable routine makes you happy, you’re conscientious. Do you love meeting new people? If so, you’re probably an extrovert. If nothing compares to the buzz of small acts of kindness, you can label yourself as agreeable. The thrill of going on spontaneous adventures is mostly enjoyed by open people, whilst the notion of finding a soulmate who can be trusted and relied upon might make a neurotic person happy and content. 




  1. If You Could be Anything, What Would You Be?

If money were no object, no one stood in your way and every opportunity was open to you, what would you be? No career – or lack of – is off limits, so what would you do given the choice? Would you jet off on a holiday and live your life as a professional globetrotter, or would you stick with what you have because what you have is enough?




  1. What Are Your Three Core Values?

Everyone has three non-negotiable values that are important to them. For some people, savoring every moment and making the most of what life throws at them is important, whereas for other people, their core values include helping people and being compassionate. 




  1. What Role Do You Play in Your Friend Group?

Every friend group has certain types of people, including the mother hens, the fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants people, the sensitive people and the rigid rule-abiders. Others are the gel that hold their group together. What role you play in your social circle is a good indication of what type of person you are. 




  1. How Would You Describe Yourself in Three Words?

At risk of sounding like an ice-breaker question, being able to describe yourself in three words is a good way to see what type of person you are. It’s always worth asking people around you to do the same and seeing if there’s a crossover. If there is a crossover, there’s a strong chance this is indicative of your personality type. 

So, after all that, what type of personality do you have? Remember, there is no right or wrong answer.

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