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The biggest problem with social anxiety and how to fix it!

Have you been struggling with social anxiety?….

I once had a friend who suffered from social phobia,

He hated being around people!

He was very good looking and intelligent but always felt inadequate, inferior and embarrassed around people!

He could barely do anything alone, someone had to always accompany him to functions, even a stroll down the street was as hard a task as any!

Even his clothes never ever felt good on him, no matter how great it looked.

We called it shyness, it was annoying. But for him it was a real struggle !

The biggest problem with social anxiety, and how to fix it! 
Social anxiety

Do you feel irrationally anxious in social situations?
Do you fear being negatively judged by others? you can talk to a therapist online about your anxiety


Social anxiety or social phobia is a mental illness that so many people suffer from. It’s real and depressing, and those who experience this have a hard time hanging out with others,  So they would rather be alone. Life is not meant to be “lived” alone. That’s why God gave us families and friends. If you struggle with social anxiety,  you need to identify your fears,

Whatever they are, Fear of looking stupid around people
Fear of people not liking you etc



Then challenge those fears

Challenge your fears by Challenging negative unhelpful thoughts that trigger and fuel social anxiety, replace them with more balanced views. Face the social situations you fear in a gradual, systematic way, rather than avoid them.




Work on your Mindset!

Believe in yourself, there’s no one out there that’s better than you!

There are only people who have worked on themselves more than you have and if you work on yourself, you can be as good as anyone else. So why feel intimidated by them.




Try to be more social!

Use the people you are comfortable being around, for starters!

You can start with simple activities, and small social gatherings before delving into the big things.




Talk to someone! A problem shared, is a problem solved. It could be someone who has struggled with social anxiety and has been able to overcome it.  it could be a friend or a health care provider.



Lastly, pray!. The Holy spirit works wonders. He can use the weakest people to achieve the greatest things. Like he did with the disciples.


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