5 Reasons Why You Might Still Fail In 2021


Isn’t it weird and disappointing, how something that should be a monday motivation post, reeks of so much pessimism and gloom?


I promise I am not a pessimist neither am I a Debbie downer, and the last thing a monday motivation post should be doing, is to discourage people or to give them a bunch of reasons why 2021 might be another doomsday!


However, as a human with some level of experience, I have noticed that the ideal is oftentimes mistaken for what’s real.


it’s year 2021 and everywhere I look there’s some motivational piece, as a matter of fact there’s enough motivation in the cyberspace to last me a lifetime, but in all of this I’m trying not to lose sight of reality!


So, I have set my goals and outlined my strategies for achieving them but like Brian Tracy advised in his book; “No excuses” I have also been honest enough with myself to outline why I might not be able to achieve them.


The process of setting your goals is incomplete if you have not taken into consideration all or some of the factors that could work against your plan. From  poor time management skills, to excessive use of social media, no stone should be left UN-turned.


Like someone rightly said, you probably don’t need more motivation, you don’t need more seminars, you don’t need more courses, you just need to find the strength to get to work and start getting those beautiful goals accomplished.


“2021 is my year of success”, great! it’s easier said than done. Wait until opportunity comes to you dressed as work, or procrastination decides to make your heart its home. My point is, in other to succeed this year, you’ve got to do more than look at the bright side, one must take into consideration so many factors that affect productivity and tackle them head-on, or else by 2022, you’ll still be stuck in a rut singing the same old song.



Here are a few things that limit and hinder productivity which you should consider as you set your goals in 2021!

Laziness: let’s face it, laziness is no stranger to us all, even the best of us have sneaky ways to be lazy! And laziness would keep you in the wells of mediocrity, even when you have lofty dreams. Have you been honest with yourself about how much work and sacrifice that book you intend to write this year would demand from you? Have you been honest with yourself about how much time and effort it’s going to take to build influence and income? Have you counted the cost of starting a successful online business? If you have, are you willing and able to meet up with the work it would demand? So many people get stuck in the wells of mediocrity, because they are not willing to put in any work and yet expect a miracle!




Procrastination: gather round for a group hug if you procrastinate even when your life depends on it. I’m top on the list. Too many times I skip appointments and miss deadlines because I always say to myself. “I will do it tomorrow, or “I will go next time” Sadly, Procrastination is not only a thief of time, it’s also the thief of life. So, if you procrastinate at all then you are not just wasting your time, you’re also wasting your life. When setting goals, it is super important to set a time frame within which you intend to achieve that goal and to which you can hold yourself accountable, for instance by september 2021 I would launch my first digital product, as much as this may not eradicate procrastination, it serves as a constant reminder! Setting reminder’s for yourself also serves as a good propeller as well. Procrastination can debar you from achieving anything. If you have something to do, get to it no matter how irksome it is, don’t give in to the temptation of putting it off until a later time. just start already! in the course of time you would be glad you did.




Inconsistency: starting a project is good, but continuing with what you’ve started is so much more important. One of my many mantras, is “consistency is key” I honestly do not believe that success can be achieved without continuity. The hard truth is; in 2021 you are going to be tempted to give up that project time and again, but if you can hang in there, just like the Chinese bamboo tree farmers, you will breakthrough and breakout!




You are an island:  forget what anyone told you, you cannot do it alone. In other to succeed in 2021 you must search out and belong to a community of like minds. A community of people who are going in the same direction as you. Secondly, you must be intentional about making strategic relationships with the right people. If you would be needing mentor-ship from anyone, make an effort, reach out to them and try to establish a relationship. Whatever the case is, remember, if you try to do it alone, you might fail.




No strategy: so you’ve set a bunch of well drafted and crafted goals for yourself! Great! That’s a great way to go. Now, in addition to this, have you listed out strategies on how you intend to accomplish them? A strategy is simply a working or a workable plan of how you intend to get your to-do list done. For instance, if your goal is to increase your monthly income, one of your strategies could be to increase the value of what you have to offer, be it a service or product. The more value you offer your customers the more likely you are to see a spike in profit.


This list is in no way thorough, but I’m hoping that these few points I have raised would serve as a reminder that little foxes that could spoil the vine actually exist and in other to be able to smash your goals seamlessly, you need to be able to smash these deterrents too.





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