Best Boxing Workout That Every Woman Should Try For Better Body Shape

Boxing is known as one of the oldest combat games that have been in mainstream media. For the longest time boxing was known as a game that makes people violent. The overall scope of the whole game was just linked to self-defense and nothing more. Most people felt the need to learn boxing because they wanted to appear strong but soon they realized that boxing has a very diverse scope. It is not just a combat game it offers so many other benefits as well. Boxing was then used by fitness trainers and health professionals within the recommended exercises list.


The main idea was that since boxing engages the whole body it will be excellent for weight loss and extreme calorie burnout. So far, boxing is considered the best remedy for getting rid of body fat. Most people have claimed that they have seen significant weight loss within the first three months. The best thing about boxing is that it strengthens the muscles which means that you will be able to see improvement in weight without gaining muscle.


Your body structure will complement the overall body structure and skeletal. It will not make you bulky, the body will become lean and strong. Apart from weight loss, boxing is good for helping the body stay healthy and it also helps in improving posture and endurance. Most women try to avoid the heavy workout for boxing because they feel this will make them gain muscle, however, boxing workout is good for the overall mental and physical fitness.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about some of the best benefits of boxing that you will be able to experience as a woman. Apart from this, you will also be able to know about some of the easiest and most effective boxing-related exercises that will help you lose weight and help in shaping up your body.


Why Fitness Trainers Are Using Boxing Moves Within The Workouts?

Boxing is a very good exercise that helps in engaging the whole body, this means that you don’t have to invest separate time for every muscle. Just a few minutes of workout will be enough and you will be able to burn as many calories as any other workout. Some of the main benefits that make boxing the best workout for most people include:

  • Boxing makes the body lean and strong
  • Boxing helps with improving the response time which means that you will see improvement in a reflex action
  • Boxing is a functional exercise that makes the movement effortless.
  • Boxing is great for weight loss as it helps in generating energy from the core.
  • Boxing engages the whole bossy which means you can burn more calories in less amount of time.
  • Boxing is taken as an aerobic exercise that helps with weight loss, boosting endurance, and boosting immunity as well.

5 Simple Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight and Make You a Boxing Pro

If you look at the boxing class in any institute you will see that the instructor starts with simple warm-up exercises that will only help you get ready for the main workout. The second phase will help you become technically aware where you will be able to learn how to use various punching combinations and the way you need to maintain your dominance. The last phase is just to help you calm down and relax. Most people add yoga in this phase which can be positive imagery or just simple breathing exercise.

Rope Skipping 

Rope skipping is great for weight loss and it especially helps with a warm-up session. Apart from this, you will see that you are getting rid of belly fat within a few days of starting the workout. Rope skipping will help you with footwork as well.


Shadow Boxing helps you engage your whole body. You will not only be using your upper body you will also be using your core and this means that it will help you shape up your body. Another important thing is that shadow boxing helps you burn more calories in a relatively less amount of time.

Heavy Bag

A heavy bag workout is great for exerting energy. The best thing is that since you are using a heavy bag you will need more energy which means easy weight loss. Overall, a heavy bag workout is known to be the most effective and you will soon notice that you are sweating within a few minutes. You don’t have to work for more than 5 minutes on a daily basis.

Speed Boxing

Speed boxing is an excellent way to help you devise a plan for attacking. This will help you know how you can use a simple punching combination with full force that the opponent will not be able to defend himself. This is good for losing the upper body weight as well.


Yoga is excellent for body posture, it will help you improve your muscle movement and this is great for strategic planning as well. Boxing is not all about technique because you need to read your opponent as well, with yoga you will be able to learn how to use the strategy of your opponent for your benefit. This will help you shape up your body as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that boxing is one of the most understated combat games because most people do not understand its diverse scope. Boxing is not just a game that can be used for self-defense, it is more than that. In fact, boxing will help you gain strength which means you can work for longer hours without getting tired. Apart from this, most people complain that they feel pain when they sit for long or stay in the same position. The best thing about boxing is that everything and every maneuver are functions so you will see improvement in your body posture as well as your overall body health. You will see that you appear to be more confident and you are active throughout the day just because you are following the workout routine closely.



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