How To Build A Magnetic Personal Brand in 2023

First off, there’s a difference between a personal brand and a brand.


A personal brand is a brand that revolves around a person while a brand focuses on the product or service.


So why is it important to have a personal brand anyway, when you’re not a celebrity ???

I’ll tell you why.


If you’re starting out as an entrepreneur it is important to build a personal brand first or alongside your business/brand because…..


# People buy from people and when you have an audience, they are likely to follow your business/brand.


# You’re likely to get more clients because people already know, like and trust you.


# There are many ways to monetize a personal brand.


6 Golden Rules for Building a Magnetic Personal Brand in 2023Personal brand


1. Identity your Niche:

What’s your reason for having a personal brand? How do you want to show up in the world? Why should people follow you? What makes you unique?



2. Get comfortable looking silly or being perceived as being silly:

it can be scary to put yourself out there especially at the beginning stages of building your personal brand, this should not deter you.

Your friends and family members might be scrutinizing, criticizing or mocking your every move or at least you might perceive them as doing that, irrespective of how they make you feel keep showing up, with time you would grow an audience that far outweighs the friends and family that are following you, and you would feel a lot more comfortable interacting with those people.

Personal brand


3. Research about the space you’re going into:

Do a primary research, take a look at other influencers in similar space as you. What do they do well?
what are they doing that really gets engagement? this is going to be how you find your place in the market. This would help you with positioning.


4. Create content pillars:

your content pillars are those areas that you intend to focus on within your personal brand, For example, you might decide that you would be talking about organization, entrepreneurial advice, books, faith etc’ put together at least five content pillars that you’re going to show up as regularly.

Personal brand


5. Consistency:

This is one of the things people find the hardest, but this is so important. More personal Brands will pop up in 2023. If you don’t make a commitment to be consistent, you’re going to struggle. You must be consistent in how regularly you show up, consistent in the content pillars that you’ve created and decided to work on, consistent in your Aesthetics and in everything that you do.


6. Create a brand guide or Playbook for your personal brand:

Inside this brand guide list your colors, put a mood board together, create the content pillars that you want to be hitting. Create the playbook in a way that if you give it to anyone, they can go ahead and replicate it as if it were you.
This would help you with Clarity on what your personal brand is, how you want to show up in the world, and what it looks like in practice.


I hope you found this helpful. Let me know your thoughts.

Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.

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