How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your family and friends!

Because the season of birthday parties never really ends, you have to be ready to react at any moment. There are people whose birthdays you regularly forget, yet you manage to attend their birthday parties because someone else always reminds you at the last moment. In those situations, your inventiveness usually helps you find a decent gift in the nick of time.

But the situation is a whole lot different if we are speaking about your closest people – family, especially your kids, nieces and nephews, Because you don’t want to disappoint them by forgetting their special day or buying something that’s totally useless to them, you’d want to get them the perfect birthday gift, you’d also want to have time to think about your options.

Here are a few useful tips on how to gift thoughtfully and make shopping less stressful at the same time.

Be in the right frame of mind

First of all, if you believe that buying a birthday present is bound to be stressful, you are wrong. You really don’t need to be guided by anyone’s rulebook about gifting. More precisely, there’s no such rulebook at all – you are allowed to completely rely on your initiative, creativity and inventiveness.
In order to find the perfect birthday gift, you’ll first need to take one step backward and remember that you are soon celebrating your loved ones birthday – and, that’s the only thing that really matters.
Once you are in the right frame of mind, you can start planning.

Buy thoughtfully 

When it comes to getting gifts for a child, it’s pretty easy to guess what they would absolutely love. For instance literally every kid Loves cartoon so if you choose to go for a Disney themed gift like a Disney jewelry or a ben 10 wrist watch, that child would love you forever for being so thoughtful!
When dealing with friends, one easy way to get ideas is by Listening to your friends carefully in the days before the birthday. By doing so, you’ll be able to get a couple of glimpses of their present worries or expectations.
But if you can’t see them before the party because both of you are busy, try to remember your last conversation. Even if it was just a short talk, their mood or expressions probably gave you a clue on what was going on inside their head.
You can’t make a mistake with a gift that’s going to make your friend feel better or help them with their current needs. Thoughtful gifting never disappoints a person who celebrates. While your present probably won’t be the priciest one, it will most certainly make a perfect birthday gift and warm your friend’s heart.

Money? YES!

Ok, let’s be honest with this one – there is no person in this world (and that includes children) who will be disappointed to receive an envelope with some money inside.
If your Loved one is currently going through financial difficulties, this is most certainly the best gift you can ever choose. But even if they don’t have financial problems, you’ll help them invest in something that they really need.
The greatest advantage of gifting money for birthdays is that you give the person an opportunity to buy something that’s in accordance with their current needs. Plus deciding to give money as a gift immediately saves you from all other gift-giving dilemmas. Of course, be reasonable and only give the amount of money that won’t hurt your own budget.

Go online

The traditional idea of gift shopping that includes rushing from one place to another the entire afternoon is so 1998. Luckily, these days almost anything can be purchased online.
If you’re a fan of innovative and genuinely different gift ideas, you can always search them in online gift shops. Not only will this save you time but you will also be able to find a perfect birthday gift.

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are really cool for any occasion, and not just for birthdays.
A customized pillow or initialed napkins will put a smile on your loved ones face for sure. If your budget allows you to spend more money, you can buy them a personalized cocktail shaker or even a personalized dining set. This certainly one of the best birthday gift ideas.

Take them on a trip 

While pricey, this option will help you to create unforgettable memories with your child, husband, mother, brother or bestie. And, if you really want to impress with a gift, hardly anything beats traveling.
However, make sure to choose dates that won’t affect anyone’s business commitments. A long weekend getaway is probably your safest option.

Lastly, visit a flower market

Before you go to the birthday party, you can stop by the closest flower market to choose a nice indoor plant for your friend’s room. Indoor plants have therapeutic effects on human mood. Also, you can buy them a flower vase or attach a personal note to a flower bouquet. The note can include a brief story about your friendship, which is really the most valuable gift of all.

Regardless of what you decide to buy, remember that what your loved ones really wants is to see you taking their special day seriously. On the other hand, if there is no party at all, surprise them by showing up with a few bags of popcorn and a movie. Together you can watch a new season of their favorite series. Or just relax and have a good laugh.

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