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How to Deal with a Narcissistic Family Member

If you have ever had an encounter with a narcissistic person, then you would easily empathize with anyone who is currently stuck in that rut. Narcissistic people are everywhere, we have them as partners, friends, colleagues, and even family members. But how do you deal with a narcissistic person with who you share deeper bonds?


A narcissist is someone manipulative, self-seeking, and self-centered. One who thinks he or she is more important than everyone else. They are usually schemers who use everything and everyone around them to serve their selfish interests.


It is always advised to walk away from a narcissistic person if you come in contact with them, either under friendship or a relationship. However, if this person shares a stronger bond with you, and happens to be a family member, who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, how do you deal with that?


Here are a few handy tips to help you manage the situation.

Acknowledge the narcissist

The first step to take when faced with a challenge is to accept that it exists. Most times people live in denial, refusing to accept the existence of a problem, this approach does no good. It is only when you accept and acknowledge the existence of a problem that you can begin to take steps to solve it. Also, accept that this person has no control over you, you are whole with or without them and they are selfish and mean actions are just an expression of their insecurities. Don’t be afraid and never take anything they do seriously.



Learn about narcissism

Once you have established that a family member is a narcissist, try to gather as much information as you can on this subject. Learn about narcissism and the behavioral patterns this kind of people exhibit. Doing your research on this topic will also help you learn about others who are dealing with this kind of situation, as well as learn some coping skills on how to deal with the situation.




Set Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries. Being that this person is a family member, it might be a little difficult to cut them off completely; some people have a narcissist as a father or even a mother, so cutting ties with this person might not be possible. however, the key is to set limits to how much physical contact you have with this person. Try not to engage in many activities with them and also limit interactions as much as possible. Narcissists are usually very persuasive and manipulative so it’s also important to set psychological boundaries as well.



Don’t argue with them

Engaging in arguments with a narcissistic family member is a complete waste of your precious time, nothing you say or do would ever make them see reason, or gain insight. This is why it is best to avoid getting into arguments. Most times those kinds of arguments always end up becoming heated and could escalate into something more serious.



Seek counseling and support

Dealing with a narcissistic family member can be a terrible experience, it could induce feelings of low self-esteem and can even lead to depression. This is why you need to seek support and counseling, don’t go through this experience alone. Don’t be ashamed or too embarrassed to share with a trusted friend, a loved one, or a professional. You might be amazed at how much relief you would get when you seek support and counseling.



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