Monday motivation

you were designed specifically to meet a need!!

Monday motivation

I once worked with a building material company, which sells high-end luxurious building finishes. The organisation imported most of its products from other countries. These products come dismantled and well-arranged in boxes. Now each pack comes with a set of screws and screw drivers which allows for re-assemble.

After years of opening several boxes, one feature which stuck to me was that every single screw was put there for the number of holes that needed to be filled, there was no spare or idle screw.

So when installing, one great way of knowing you are done, is to have no screw left! Therefore if the box had 1000 screws you must find 1000 holes because none of it is a spare.

Like this manufacturer, God does not make spares!
Everyone is sent purposely to fix a problem, you are not a plan B in God’s plan, you were designed specifically to meet a need. Like the screws which come in different sizes and are located in various spaces; some obvious, others hidden. You were also designed for a particular space, don’t envy another man’s make up, or location. There is a unique spot made for you.

Find your spot and be contented with it, that’s the only place you will fit in perfectly. Untill you take your place in God’s plan, no matter how small it may seem, there will always be a vacuum in this world.


Remember above all, in God’s plan, there is no spare!!!! 


Author’s Bio

Olugbenga Emoruwa is a public speaker, life coach, pastor and counselor, a visionary who’s life’s mission is to impact lives.
He is dedicated to helping people reach their goals and he does this Through public speaking, book writing and counseling. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with friends and family. His favorite pastimes are traveling and interior designing. olugbenga is a critical thinker, a go-getter and an active Listener who believes “if you can dream it, then you can achieve it”! 

You can connect with him on his platform cascading consults.




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